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Episode 20 · 3 months ago

Justice for Darrien Hunt

On the morning of September 10th, 2014, a passerby called 911 after seeing a man walking with what they did not know was a souvenir samurai sword. The man, Darrien Hunt, would lay dead just minutes later. Darrien's family have spent every moment since fighting for their son. Petition:


Episode 19 · 3 months ago

The Death of Kendrick Johnson: Accident or Something More Sinister?

In January of 2013, the body of Lowndes High School student Kendrick Johnson was found on campus under very mysterious circumstances. It did not take long, however, for his death to be ruled an accident. As more people began paying attention to this case and more evidence came to light, including a confession from one of Kendrick's fellow classmates, it has started to look less and less like what happened to Kendrick was simply accidental. Could the young boy have met a more sinister fate? 

Petition to have Kendrick's Case Re-Opened:

Places to Donate to the Black Lives Matter Movement:


TW/ Kendrick's Body:

TW/ Kendrick's Body:

TW/ Kendrick's Body:

Episode 18 · 3 months ago

The Disappearance of Kierra Coles

In October of 2018, a vibrant young mother to be by the name of Kierra Coles vanished under bizarre circumstances. The police think they know the truth of what happened to Kierra and who did this to her, proving it, however, has proved more difficult than they ever imagined. 

142 Ways to Donate in Support of Black Lives and Communities of Color: