Did You Lock The Door?
Did You Lock The Door?

Episode 18 · 1 year ago

The Disappearance of Kierra Coles


In October of 2018, a vibrant young mother to be by the name of Kierra Coles vanished under bizarre circumstances. The police think they know the truth of what happened to Kierra and who did this to her, proving it, however, has proved more difficult than they ever imagined. 

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Hi Welcome back to did you lock thedoor, the PODCAST, I'm your host, Payton Reece, and today I'm going to bebringing to you a case that I think definitely needs all of the mediaattention that it can get. I think this case is definitely very solvable. It'sjust that not enough people are talking about it. So hopefully I can be a voicein the discourse that is surrounding this case and we can get some morepeople talking about it and we can get justice for today's victim and fortheir family. So today I am going to be talking about the disappearance ofKierra coals. Hiere was born on September, twenty fourth nineteen.Ninety two making her a libra. I think the first LIBR that I've covered on theshow her parents' names were Karen Phillips and Joseph Coles Kiera was the number four out of fivechildren born to Joseph Cols, according to ABC News, and I couldn't find in anyof the articles or subredits or anything that I looked up for this case.I couldn't find if Joseph ND Karen had five kids together or if this was justrelating to Joseph, but Kiera did have four siblings. She was born intwo and grew up in theChicago area, Chicago Illinois and according to her family and the peoplethat knew her best here. I grew up to be a kind woman with a beautiful smile,and if you look at any pictures of her, you I'm sure we'll definitely agreewith that and according to her parents, she wasalways close with both of them, especially with her mother. Her and hermother would not go one day without talking on the phone, at least once,but often they would talk three to four times on the phone. Each day aftergraduating, high school Kiera began working various jobs here and there inorder to start bringing in some money. She was definitely an independent womanand she wanted to live away from her mommy and her dad and a parentalinfluence as soon as possible. She still wanted to maintain closerelationships with them, of course, but she definitely had an independentspirit and wasn't satisfied living with mom and dad she wanted to have her ownapartment. She eventually would realize this dream and move into her ownapartment in South Chicago. When Kera turned twenty, she would meet a mannamed Joshua Simmons, the two whad hit it off and start a relationship prettyquickly. Bokira and Josh would soon find themselves. Employees of UnitedStates poastal service, both working as letter carriers. Kera was now verysatisfied and very happy with where she found herself in life, because, asbefore, like I mentioned, she had sort of been bouncing around betweendifferent jobs, but she felt like she finally found a position with USPS thatwould become permanent for her. We are going to circle back to Kierra and herboyfriend Joshlo for a second, so the couple reportedly when they firststarted dating, got along incredibly well and for a while things appeared tobe nearly perfect between the two eventually, as we often see in caseslike these. However, the fairytale feel of the romance would be replaced byfeelings of mistrust and even anger when rumors began to spread around USPSand between Kierra and Joshas friends and acquaintances. That Josh was beingunfaithful. The rumors in specific, were that Josh was having severalaffairs. Some articles even mentioned a wife that he was actually married andthat Kira was his girlfriend on the...

...side, and it was also rumored that Joshgot at least one woman who was not care pregnant during the time that he andKara were dating, possibly more than one, but the rumor that I see the mostis that he got one woman pregnant and this woman was actually also rumored tobe named Kiera. Her name was Kiera Smith and she also worked as a lettercarrier for USPS with Joshandkiera, so Kiera kind of had to live every day andgo to work every day, not knowing whether or not her boyfriend wassleeping with this woman who shared her name and he possibly might have evengotten that woman pregnant. So I imagine that would be very hard onCIERA. That would definitely be very hard on anyone. I think so all of Maysympathe to her that had to be incredibly upsetting and stressful. I can't confirm or deny any of theseallegations, however, as the police have never spoken on them, and theseare things that have only been mentioned and speculated online incertain articles and Internet forums, but whenever they're spoken about, theyare presented as rumors and not as definitive facts so well enough. Peopleare talking about this for me to lean towards it being in the realm of thetruth. I definitely cannot confirm that any of this actually happened that Joshever she's Onkera, or that he was having a baby with another woman, butthis is talked about a lot a lot a lot. It's definitely the mean points of whatyou'll see about this case. If you do any research on it and because of that,it causes me to lean towards this being more true than untrue. Despite, however,all of that that was supposedly going on and rumored to be happening in theirrelationship, Kiara and Josh did remain together for six years and actuallythree months before Kierre would go missing. They discovered that they toowould be having a baby together, Kiera and her mom, who, if we rememberher name, was Karen talking the phone every single day. Like I said most daysmultiple times, it was not at all an exaggeration to say that the two wereclose Karen reported that Ker was absolutelyelated to find out that she was pregnant, as was Karen Karen said Qote.She was already excited about becoming a mother. That's all my child everwanted to be a mom and accomplish all the things she set to accomplish tohave a nice paying job which she had to get a new car which she bought to moveinto her own apartment, which she did and to become a mother which she wasabout to and quote. Karen had also said that, while it was too early fordoctors to tell yet Kierra was sure that she was going to give birth to ababy boy from Karen's point of view. Tierra was at a very good place in herlife. She would have no reason to drop everything and run away no reason tovanish. Well, obviously, there are always goingto be things that we don't tell our parents. It seems that Kiera and Karenwere very close, and even if Kierra didn't tell her, I she was planning onrunning off or anything. I do think that Karen would have at the very leastnotice that something was not quite right with Cierra on the evening of October. Second, twothousand and Eighteen Karen would talk to Kera on the phone and the two wouldgo to bed that night, Karen, not feeling as if anything was amiss orwrong with her daughter in anyway, Kera had spent some time with friends andhad a wick appointment, which wick stands for women, Infan and children.Earlier that day and according to Karen everything seemed normal and herdaughter seemed very happy little o Kara know she would get one more goodnight sleep before October third arrived and her world was turned upsidedown that next fateful morning Karen called her daughter and received noanswer. She was not yet alarmed. Maybe Kiera had ardy clotton at work and justcouldn't talk when she got care his voice mail yet again that afternoonstill no alarm bells would ring one nighttime rolled around and yet anothercall went unanswered. Karen did begin... worry that something was wrong withher daughter. As we know, the two talked once a day at the very least,and often they would talk much more than that. It was not at all like Hiera to letthree calls go to Boimol without reaching out to her mom in text oremail or anything to let her know why. On October, fourth Kierra had now goneover twenty four hours without reaching out to any of her family or any of herfriends. Her Mom now knew for certain that something was wrong. She calledthe police and asked them to perform a wellness check on Cara's apartment.Thankfully, the police agree to do so. They took this complaint prettyseriously and when they arrived at Kera's apartment, there was no sign ofher early. However, her car was parked in its usual spot and inside the carwas Kierra's purse, which contained her debic hard and her ID, and additionally,the police sound Pierras cellphone her lunchbag that she hoke to work with herevery day, her keys, some prenato vitamins and other personal items. Thisvery understandably concerned the police, however, hoping for the bestthey called the post office. That Kiera worked out to ask if she perhaps hadcome in that day. Maybe the explanition was as simple as something was wrong,with Kier's cellphone and or with her car, and she couldn't call her familyand she couldn't drive herself to work that day, the post office told police that Kierawas not there and she actually hadn't been there the day before either Karahad called in sick the morning of October. Third, this, of course, only serves to elevatethe worries of both the police and of Cara's family. If she had in fact beenmissing since the third, they were a whole day behind time that, as we allknow, is crucial in missing person's cases. The next step was to check surveillancetapes and see if they could locate CIERA on any in the area. If they coulddo that, they might be able to track her movements. Maybe she could leadthem to what had happened to her or to where she was and what she was doing through security cameras located nearKeras apartment complex, they see a girl dressed head totowe in a USPSuniform that seems to match care as pysical description and is walking inthe direction of Kiera's car. However, once she reaches cere is vehicle, shewalks right past it continuing to the other side of the streets andeventually walking right out of view. The police at first are overjoyed tohave found such a major leave so early on in the investigation. So, of course,they run with it. While the release of this video certainly helped to garnerattention, any witness testimony that it might have brought in would,unfortunately, soon be deemed pretty worthless when it was announced by lawenforcements that the woman in the video was not in fact, Kiera. This, ofcourse, was a devastating blow to all involved, and now everything was backat square one for the investigation, as it usually goes with investigationslike this Joshua Simmons, who was Keras long term boyfriend and the father ofher yet unborn child was the next avenue that the police went down. One of the first things pleasediscovered was that Josh had very recently quit his job at USPS, so had ayoung woman that you might remember whose name is Kera Smith? This is the woman that Josh wasreportedly cheating on Heric holeswith, and not only was he cheating, but itwas rumored that he had gotten her pregnant as well, and it was alsorumored that Hiera was not blind to this, that she kind of knew what wasgoing on. So, of course, this would be a source of conflict in therelationship. The fact that Kara Smith and Josh both quit their jobs rightafter cericoles went missing, I think not only adds fuel to the fire. That isthe allegations of then being unfaithful or ajosh beingunfaithful to caricols. It also paints...

...both Josh and Caresmith, in a verysuspicious light. In my opinion, unfortunately, however, it seems thatthe police do not have that much evidence against Josh. Obviously, thepolice always know more than what they're going to tell the public, but at the same time it does not seemlike they have as much as they would like to after plice were able toconfirm that it was not in fact Kiera on the security footage. It seems thatthey kindo hit a dead end. It is not even known if Kierra went missing thenight of the second or the morning of the third, seemingly Kierra hung up after talkingto her mom on October second and disappeared right into thinair. Karenwas initially incredibly vocal about her belief that herhs boyfriend Joshwas totally innocent as time passed. However, her mind would begin to change. According to her, Josh has not reachedout to her or anyone else in their family a single time since carea wentmissing, not even a check in and to just ask how anyone is doing seeing asKiera and Josh had been dating for quite a while, and that the two wereexpecting a child together. She finds this incredibly suspicious and nowfinds the feeling bubbling up inside her. That Josh did in fact havesomething to do with whatever it is. That happened to her daughter, and Iabsolutely understand where she's coming from. I think that that isincredibly suspicious. I mean they were dating for over six years and they werehaving a child together. The fact that Josh has not reached out to the familythat before care, went missing, he talked to all the time, even once justscreams guilty. In my opinion, of course, he is innocent until provenguilty, but that is incredibly suspicious to me. Here is father. Joseph Coles has beenan absolute champion for his daughter since day one he actually moved fromhis home in Wisconsin all the way to Chicago Illinois following Hera'sdisappearance. Finding her is now his full time job. At the beginning of theinvestigation, Joseph was even living in his car that he kept parked outsideof Cara's apartment, complex, an the hopes that if she ever came home, hewould be the first one to see her. He actually told the Chicago suntimesquote: All I can do is keep hope alive. I take my grandkids. We pass out flyersevery day. We don't miss a day. Endquote Hera's entire family isworking diligently to keep her name in the press and to make sure that theirdaughter and that her is baby, who would have been born in April of twenty nineteen come home to them. So that is really all of theinformation that is out there. On this case, Chicago Illinois does seem tohave a problem with their missing women. They're missing black women inparticular. An incredibly high amount of black women, go missing and or ormurdered in Chicago, and their cases often go unsolved. Pierras is one thatdid get a little more coverage than others, which is why I was able to puttogether a whole podcast episode on it, which is really sad. Obviously, all ofthe women that have gone missing or have been murder deserve coverage, andI am working on an episode that is kind of compiling all of their cases or alot of their cases and what we know about each of them to try and get asmany names out there as I can. But Krr's case is just as important.Obviously so I figured I should go ahead and get an episode up about her, so we're going to go into some theoriesnow. It's my first question regarding this case and Thi. So Pla into thetheories is, did Kierr go missing on the evening of October second or themorning of October? Fourth, first of all, we've never heard the call thatwas made into USPS the morning of...

October third, so we have no way ofknowing whether or not it was Kierra that called in it's never been spokenabout. I'm not sure if the police even know that we just know that a call wasmade saying that Kera would be sick and not coming into work. That day, if Kiera did make. That call. I findthat incredibly suspicious. I think that she was being forced to make thatcall and if she didn't make that call obviously same circumstances, someonewho was either holding her hostage or had already done something horrible toher was making that call so that there would be more time before people camelooking for CIERA. She was obviously a very diligent and hard working employee.So if she just didn't show up red flags would pop up right away so by eitherforcing her to call insick or calling in sick for her. Whoever did this toher definitely gave themselves some time, but I think it would be veryimportant to know whether or not it was here that made the call or someone else. This is something that I'm sure thepolice know and just startnt sharing with us and, of course, like I said, I thinkit's crucial to the investigation, so if they just aren't sharing it with us,that definitely makes sense, but I think whether or not it was Kera thatmade this call will be a big part and finding out wod. Do this to her andjust a big part in the investigation in general. I also think that the lunchbag found inKerra's car holds the key to answering whenker Wat missing. So was there like a full ready to golunch pocked in Cera's bag? If so, Kierr lakely packed up her car and wasready to head off to work, and something happened to her that morningon October. Third, however, if the lunchbag was empty or there were justkind of like scraps left over, it's likely that Kiera had already eaten itthat day and that would indicate that she had gotten out of her car when shepulled up to her apartment and that something bad happened to her. Thenagain, this is the question that the police likely know. The answer to asthey are in possession of her lunchbag, but I think this also plays a big rolein helping us to cipher when exactly here of witmessing. My second major question is: Was Care'scar found in a condition that her family and her friends would haveexpected her to leave it in, and by this I mean often in missing person'scases when the victims' car is found, the family and or law enforcement willcomment on whether or not the car you know is found in a manner that thevictim would have left it in, for example, was it messier than kiernormally left it was it cleaner? Was the seat pushed back just a little bittoo far? Was it a little bit too far forward? Basically, did it look likeHierra was the last one that was driving her vehicle? This is yet another question that thepolice probably have the answer to that we, the public, just don't know yet and again. These are all just questionsthat I think would help us understand the case better and help us put morepuzzle pieces together than we are currently able to. Please have in vocal about their beliefthat foul play was absolutely involved in this case, and they agree withKere's family that, especially with her being pregnant, she would not have madethe choice to disappear and leave her family and her boyfriend and her job soworried am so devastated. Police have even stated that they have a quotepretty good idea of what transpired, endquote withthat being said. There are, in myopinion, three clear options when it comes to the theories about what'actually happened to Pierra, I'm Gongta go from whats, in my opinion,is least likely to what is most likely so we'll start out with theory numberone which is just a random stranger.

Perhaps Kiera was grabbed by just astranger either when she got home on October second or when she was leavingher apartment on October. Third. For this theory, I am making theassumption that nothing was out of the ordinary with Tierra's car other thanthe fact that it still hows many of her belongings and I'm making thisassumption, because a stranger probably would not have known where to park.Here's car unless she, unless she remained conscious in the car with himand was willing to tell the perpetrator where she lived, the burber trader,would not have known where he should take here his car back to. So that leads me to believe that if shewas attacked by some random stranger while she was either exiting or gettinginto her vehicle, the stranger just left her car there didn't even tuckanything and just took Hera and put her into a separate vehicle that whoeverthis person was owned, even if they did no care's address forsome reason, say they wrete it on her ID or she told it to them. If a random stranger did abduct her, Idon't see the purpose they would have for dropping here is vehicule back offat her home. I mean, I think it would make much more sense for them to leaveit on the side of the road or even burn it, or to hide it in some way.Definitely not take it back where they would risk being seen on securitycameras where they would risk being seen by people that lived near Kierraand therefore knew her knew her car. This is just something that Idefinitely don't think a random kidnapper would do this random. Stranger theory alsodoesn't make sense to me in terms of well. I mean the fact that Cera calledout of work. I just don't think that a random person would have taken the timeto either call out for Kieera and risk having their voice heard or to ask or force CER to Cald work. Imean. Obviously I mean it does make sense that theywould want to save themselves a little time be able to get out of the area,maybe, but if they're just a random stranger, I would think that I would think that they wouldn't assumeanyone was going to think that they took Hera. They would just be concernedand getting as far away as possible and not in Makiu hear called of work. The second theory is someone here anewthat was not her boyfriend Josh had someone careanew come over either whenshe got home on the second or before she was about to leave on the fourth,she probably would have opened the door for ar familiar face. Just as most ofus would perhaps this person was a friend oreven a family member who convinced Piera that she should call it if workand play hooking with them. Perhaps it didn't take longer than it took forcere to open the door for someone that she thought was a loved one beforethings turned sour. As far as we know, and as far as thepiece of side, there was little to no motive for almost anyone and cares lifeto want to make her disappear. Of course, someone could have beenobsessed with Pierra and just no one else knew about it. Perhaps the recent news of Kerabecoming pregnant with Josh's baby set someone off, maybe a jealous lover orwant a belover. We don't have much information on thepeople in her is life that aren't her family that are dedicating every day tosearching for her or her boyfriend Josh, who is understandably a prime suspect.So it is difficult to say what motive other people in her life might have hadfor harming Shara and, of course, if it was not someone that here knew that wasn't JoshThats Te leave us with Josh. We all know that one of the basic rulesof true crime is that the boyfriend or the husband probably did it...

...well. I often try to root for thepartners innocence in cases where the answers are unknown. I find that prettydifficult to do. In this case. I also try not to make mountains out ofmolehills, especially when it comes to internet rumors, but the fact that bothJoshua Simmons and Cerasmith, a woman who is Whitely, believed that cericalsnew Josh Wassheiting on her with and might have even known that Josh hadgotten ceras MIT pergnant. The fact thoght here and Josh both pit theirjobs at the post office right around when Shera coals were missing. Thosetwo things all that confirm these rumors for me, at least in terms ofJoshua's infidelity wite of Josh, a loyal. U S passemployee for years, suddenly quit without any reason right around thetime when his girlfriend of six years and the soon to be mother of his child.When missing, he has never provided any reason for this, but whatever reason hecould provide it's incredibly suspicious, especially when one of the women he wasrumored to be cheating on cericols with bt. At the exact same time, Morof Josha's behavior that I findspretty suspicious include his lack of communication. CERHIS family we've already touched on this, but theyhave not once heard from him since here I disappeared, it's not like he, and here we're justcasually dating they've, been together for over half a decade and they had achild on the way. Why has he never reached out to car? His family was Josh afraid that once a child cameinto the world, it would be more difficult for him to speak aroundOnkiera. was He just really opposed to settlingdown with her? Maybe he was given some kind of her orme ultimatum by either of the two peras and he turned to drastic measures toappease care, a Smith or maybe all these internet rumors are just that rumors. I definitely think that Josh knows alot more about herecol's disappearance than he's ever shared. I also find it very plausible that here,Smith does too jealousy and Josha's infidelity seemlike the most likely motives for this crime, and I think it's very likelythat Joshua just did not want to be tied down. I also find it very likely that one ofthe other women that Joshua was likely involved with was pressuring him toleave cercols and it all just got to be too much the police think they know what happensand have alluded to. The fact that they believe someone known to cere wasinvolved, someone that she knew very well and at she trusted- and I am with all of the redit posters andall of the online detectives. When I say that's, I think it's not at all unlikely thatthat person could be Josh, and I think that the police will eventually uncoverenough evidence uncover something that helps them put the pieces together andthat brings Kera and her baby home, hopefully alive, but in any capacity Ido have faith that this one will be solved. Hopefully this happens much sooner.Rather than later, when Kiara was last seen, she wasscribed as a black female about five foot, four o e hundred and twenty fivepounds dark, hair and Brown eyes. She had several tattoos, including aheart. On her left hand, the phrase lucky libra on her back a jogmire's head on the back of hershoulder and the phrase love Mi in a design on her chest. If you or anyone you know haveinformation that can help solve this case and bring Pierra and her familyclosure, you can contact the Chicago PD at three one, two, seven, four, seven,five, seven, eight nine or you can call...

...t e United States postal inspectionservice at eight seven, seven, eight, seven, six, two, four five, five. Obviously, I am sure that we're allwell aware of what is going on in the world in relation to BLACKLIBE's matter.Right now, as a white woman, I don't think that it's my place to speak onthat. I think it is my place to elevate black voices and black experiences, andthat is why I am going to leave a link in the description of this podcast thatwill direct you guys to one hundred andforty two different links and ways that you can donate in support of blacklive's matter and that you can support people and communities of Color, be itBal funds bit black businesses. There are so many different resourcesin this link. So definitely make sure you guys go and check that out. Did you lock the door? The podcaststands with black lifes matter. Absolutely you can find. Did you lockthe door of the podcast on Instegran, twitter and Facebuk, lock the door pod?You can also email me at lock the door pod at GM com with any K, suggestionsor any theories and thoughts you have or if ou ch want to say hi. I alwayswelcome that jeaze make sure that you guys arestaying safe and also staying, educated and informed during these times. Thank you so so so much for listening.I appreciate it more than you know and, as always make sure you lock your doors Bie.

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