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Did You Lock The Door?

Episode 20 · 1 year ago

Justice for Darrien Hunt


On the morning of September 10th, 2014, a passerby called 911 after seeing a man walking with what they did not know was a souvenir samurai sword. The man, Darrien Hunt, would lay dead just minutes later. Darrien's family have spent every moment since fighting for their son. Petition:


Hi and welcome back to did you lock thedoor, the podgast on your host, Patn, reace and back by popular demand. Ihave with me it is I I have returned. She wanted me Backan I'Mfrankis, prised,I'm not, but anyway, William is Bagge with me. Well for sure. A No way said,William Anne Odvna, I'm sorry. Today we have a very special, very somber case.It was recommended to me by one of my lovely listeners Michelle. I asked herif I could thank her for being such an Aviliussener by doing a case that isnear and dear to her heart, and this is one that took place close to where shelives one. That means a lot to her, so I'm super honored that she trusted meto cover it and without further ado we are going to get into the case ofDaryan Hunt. So Darion was born in Salt Lake City,Utah N in andnine hundred an ninety two to parents, Susan and Curtis Hunt. Hewas one of four children that the couple had together: Curtis actually served in the Marinesand Darian talked often about his plans to follow in his father's footsteps. Darian grew up, loving, Anima andcouseplay, a passion that would follow him into adulthood. He even had asketch book in Whech. She would draw a different Menga and anima charactersthat he loved so well. If you want to explain kind of what cause play is sothis is my area of expert, so costly in escence. For those who don't know whatit is is when you take a favorite character that you have that either ayou made up, and there are a lot of people who do that or a character mostof the time pretty commonly found in some sort of pop cultor reference anddress up as that character. So, for example, a very popular Anima Anarto, Udess up as as Narato or and Dragon Boly Jessup as Cocu mpeople. Never really doit well. Well, and I did it well one time. Yes,we did. I was a Killeprag we were actually he suicides Quai Mean Nickalso came in. Is Ash for Masher O Peolthe Suicide Squad Featuring EvilDad but yeah? We were Harleyquin and killer crock. I did his make up and itturned out so much better than Atywood and I also met Goku. Oh yeah, that's toboth worlds. Yea. It was very fun that was before the movie suicide squad cameout, so we didn't know yet. I wul El w what we were doing yeah, butbut it was really fine. It was stuper cool. It was the first and only timereally that I've ever done anything like that, and it was a lot of fun.That was the second, but it might the second time I look botit so darian andhis family moved to Virginia. Actually when Darian was still a little boy.However, following his high school graduation, Susan and Curtis wouldseparate and Susan moves with her four kids back to Saratoga Springs, Utah, Michele, who is once again the lovelylistener that recommended this case, so that she actually knew the familythrough Church and through various neighborhood parties, which is kindical on September tenth, twent Yn. Fourteendarion would do out foor a morning walk dressed in black pants and an oversizedred shirt which was unbuttoned. He was dressed as an anima character of hisone of his favorites Mugen from the show Samurai shamfle. He was alsocarrying a souvenir stammri sword that he had just bought from a local Asiancity store. The Sword was metal, but it wasn't very sharp. It cost about thirtydollars. COMICCON had just happened in the area and as a lover of cosplay,this Haid kind of fired darying up. He...

...was Tuper excited to just be rocking USoutfit. Do you want to tell us about STAMARA SHAMPLEU? Well, O my secondform of Expertiseis, a frankly anemy? so forgive me. It's been many years since I've lastwatched Sanro Champlo, but to give you very basic ideas and information, so,basically, it aired may fourteenth and two thousand and five through Marchnint, two thousand and six in essence. It follows three characters: Mogen, whois kind of very go, aflo type of sord fighter, and then you also have who,who is a waitress and a Teshop, and you also have Gim who's a young ronantyoung Ronan who's, more traditional style of sorefighters. Both are verypowerful. They actually fight just because they feel one is stronger thanthe other, but they want to find out who that one is which both you've said:Three Ginn Mugenthey all fight each other tosee who is stronger than who so Darion was walking around what isoften described as a shopping mall or a shopping closa. But according toMichelle, it's actually a smaller plaza with just a gas station Panda ExpressPizza Hut and a tea mable and around nine forty am a man driving by noticing.The sword apparently didn't realize that it was not real, for he quicklycalled nine one. One toalert authorities that there was a manwalking around the plaza that might pose a threat. He did at the very leastmention that Darian was only walking not posing any sort of threat to any ofthe other passerbies. It wasn't long before officers match Shuer Hammer andNicholas Judson arrived at the scene. According to the officers, as Pareninvestigative report put out by the Utah County Attorney's office uponspotting hunt the officers exited their vehicles and walked towards Derian, thetwo officers had arrived in separate vehicles. Officer Judson had arrivedfirst with officers sheere hammer showing up almost immediately after himas backup. I don't know why officer Judson needed back up as soon as hearrives, but all right. The officers reportedlyasked Dariin what he was up to to what she responded quote, I'm looking for aride endquote the officers say they offered Darian aride, but also askedhim if he could put his sword down on the roof of one of their cock cars forjust a second. While they talked it's important to note. I think that theopen carry of a blade despite the length, is perfectly legal in the Stateof Utah. They claim that, following the requeststo set his blade down, Darians demeanor drastically changed. Reportedly, heresponded to the request with qutes. I can't do that ndquote in a tone thatthe officers described as qute really calm and disturbing endqte. When asked why he couldn't do that, hesaid quote it's my sword: ndquote the officers describe Darians demeanor asreally calm, almost early, so saying that the conversation was not heated orescalating in any way. The report then states that quote at some point in theconversation hunt drew the Samurai sword from the sheath and jumped orlunged towards shewar hammer swinging the sword. Both officers drew their handguns andshot at hunt fearing for their safety and for the safety of the citizensaround them endquote. It then goes to described Arian runningnortheast towards a panda express once Sderian was on the east side of thePanda Express officer, Shuer Hammer shot at him. Once again, Darian was still running for his lifeafter the shot was fired, but the next time officer, Scheerhammer dischargedhis weapon Danan, was fatally wounded. He would die at the scene. The entireordeal lasted only thirty seven seconds.

This came just a month and one dayafter Michael Browne had been fatally shot by police. On August ninth Othwusand and fourteen Darian's family, despite theunimaginable heartbreak, they must be feeling immediately began championingfor their boy demanding justice for what had happened. His Mom Susan Huntstated quote: They killed my son because he's black, no white boy with alittle sword, whel they shoot while he's running away. NDQUTE, notablySteratoga Springs, is about ninety percent white and one percent black. Soone thing to know so, if you purchase a sword, whether it be from a shop orfrom a convention which is act 'cause, I actually have the same move and swordas well: they're not allowed to sharpen them, and you also need to be either aover the age of eighteen or be. My parent has to purchase it for you,Darin was twenty two, so he would've Nade, so he purchased it on his own andthen said: Th The sorce. Don't come sharpened and they're more ofdecorative pieces. You know they're, not making actual CATANAS TAT ar thetare meant to cut limbs. Yet these swords don in any way shape orform come. They aren't actually really danger.Tenin also of note, I think, when I went as Harleyquin a couple F years ago,I had a fake gun with me that didn't necessarily look unrealistic and I wasnever worried that anyone called the plice. No one called the police like wewent to Dung and donuts and no one cared at all. Then no point tid thequestion because you had the gun on you, MHM AIRSUC yeah. I was Heur AIRTOA. Itwas like the silver wetherits one that looks like pretty realistic and no noWordis, I mean granted. You know, like people knew that there was a conventionlike a couple, a couple of blocks down Y A. I just happened, yes, S'v knownyeah, so I mean it's not like. No one, tough anything of you exactly like whenthe the Dan donuts employees laughed when we came in, they obviously felt nofear. No one called T AE place. It never even occurred to me that someonemight call the place so sad. So the more fot of the case, atoxcolegy report, would show that Darian did not have any drugs oralcohol in his system, not superrelevant, but I know sometimespeople try to demonize victims in these situations. With facts like that, sodarian was stone, cold sober. He had been shot six times once in the rightof his back one's in the upper right arm. His right forearm, left upper armand twice in the left, hip five of the shots came from behind him hitting theback of his body and one shot hit him from the side. According to the same investigativereport that we reference earlier, shuere hammer felt justified in usingdeadly force because he was Qu concerned. He was going to hurt on warycitizens in the parking lot or at the Walmart store, which was close byendqute. He would also say that he feared Darianwould quote hack the first person he saw endqute. Interestingly enough, the report alsocontains two varying accounts of what happens as par each officer involved officer Judson described a series ofevents in which starian waved the sword above his head and swung down anofficer, shure hammer officer shore. Hammer on the other hand,said that Darian removed the sword from its sheath and jumped anqute towardsofficer Genson, no mention of Darian raising the swordabove his head or of him lunging at Shewer Hammer. Obviously, both accounts cannot be true. Surveillance vootage does exist. Thatshows darian running through a parking lot and past the front door. As a pandaexpress you can see. The officers close behind in hot pursuit foage doesn'texist, however, of the initial confrontation or of the actual shooting.So we have no videoproof of what occurred.

There are a couple witness statementsthat I find pretty interesting and relevant to the case. The first one isfrom a woman named Joclyn. She said that she was filling up her gas tank ata station opposite the area where Darian and officers were talking. She states that she took a photographof the scene. The photoshe captured appears very relaxed. It even lookslike Darian is smiling. Jocelin said it looks like they were. Having a normalconversation in no way did it look heeded. She also described Arian asholding the sword horizontally out in front of him, almost as if he wasoffering it up to someone. She said she then gone her car and very quicklyafter she heard gunfire another witness by the name of Kimberlysaid that she was in her parks car in the shopping plaza when she observedArian and t officers having what she described as a qte casual conversationendquote. She says she then turned her head for just a moment and when she did,she heard gunshots. Another witness by the name of JohnInitially said that he saw Daryan swing his sword at the officers. However, hehas since recanted the seatement, and he now denies both seeing and sayingthat he saw Darian act in any sort of threatening manner. I'm actually will going to show you thepicture that Joscelyn took, and you can tell me the energy and the vire thatyou get from it. So you see him like in the middle, yousee him wearing. You know you can tell it him, and you just see the cops dojust like casually talking to him like. If I were to see that in person,I would assume that they're just telling him listen kid like. Don't youdon't need to walk around with it with a sor in your had, it seems very casual,it doesn't seem at all threatening. Darian doesactually look like he's, smiling anno. No, absolutely like he looks like he'sjust like laughing that, like thecops, were called because he was carrying aprop sword like it's comparable to Callin the Copsson someone with Tebebegun. In your hand, it is yeah yeah, except I mean I would be morethreatened by leving than than I was asor. I would too because, if I sawsomeone with that, I would assume it was a fake sword. They was like theywere case playing or they were just someone that was into stuff like thatand they just had a fakesword and they like the lots they're carrying itaround. I would never think that someone had an actual real stamuraisword and we're just walking around a plaza, no, no, absolutely not and like.Like I said in that picture, he looks on no like I don't know what the COPBibe was, but from Ju t seeing that he just looks he looks chill. He doesn't,it doesn't look. Thik he's threatme anonn anyway mm the COP flook chill too,and that's what the witness say, and I think it's interesting that bothJocelyn and Kimberley say that it appeared totally fine. They turnedtheir heads for a second and they hear gunshots. That is suspicious to me. Ireally don't like how that sound. No anyway, more fact of the case, Darian'sfamily believes that, given the many cameras in and around the plaza inwhich Darian was killed, that there is footage of the incident's key momentsthat is being covered up officer, Shuer Hammer was not wearing abody. Can at the time of the incident officer, Judson was, but he had notturned it on. The camera was looked at to see if anyfootage had been erase and it was sound that it had not. In addition to this, the dashcams intheir patrol cars apparently were not on either because they also captured nofootage descite officers. She were hammer and not wearing a body cam. Hehad recently written in a blocg post quote in my experience. Having a body.Camera has always been a beneficial thing, whether accurately documentingand recording a crime scene or making suspects accountable for their wordsand deeds. Cameras are an incredible tool at an officer's disposal endquote. Yet for some reason, the day ofderiansta officer, Shuer Hammer did not...

...feel it necessary to wear his body came. I also like that. He only speaks ofholding perpetrators accountable. Yeah plase definitely never need to be heldaccountable for anything, of course, not in November of two thousand andfourteen. So very shortly after the incidents e Utah County Attorney'soffice ruled the shooting justified. They were of the opinion that theofficers truly felt that their lives were threatened by Darian according to an article from vox quote,the county attorney's justification directly references. The low legal bar,please have to meet to justify a shooting officers, don't have to provea shooting victim was an actual threat. Instead, copse only have to show thatthey had a quote objectively, reasonable belief that their lives orthe lives of others were in danger. Endquote I mean that is so vague. It's Ostin aSu to anyone yeah like C at that point. If you're going to view like that, thenit's hard to dispute any any shootingcan. You can't dispute any ofthem. Someone can always claim they feel like they were yeer. They feltlike they were in danger in the moment to get out of, because I feel, likeit's human nature, to defend yourself in that way and try to get out of Hem rexactly O, and I forgot to mention that, while this incident was beinginvestigated, both officers were placed on paid leave, but they immediately gottheir jobs back and, as far as I know, are still working to the say. The cityhad offered Susan Hunt who again was Darian's mom, a nine hundred thousanddollars settlement in the case, which she refused. One of the conditions ofthe settlement would have been that she could no longer publicly advocate forher son or discuss his case, and she said she felt like she was beingoffered hush money and there was no way she was ever going to take. It e meant to that. Despite this, however,U s district judge, Tina Campell, ordered that Susan Hun accept thesettlement citing correspondence that Stusan hunt had with her attorney andwhich she appeared to have agreed to it. According to the judge, that is just so insulting to a mother who lost herchild and is trying to fight to get justice in his case they're, soinsulting like you have to think that your as a judge you're going to forcehur to take a settlement. I don't know if this woman has children, but one hasto think place at any point to force somewhat to not heinescence stoptalking about the tragic way and the in what way their son was killed at that point, measly nine unde grantno yeah nine hundred grand for her son's life. Ibeterto not get justicefor her son. I keep going back to those women saying that one second, theconversation was totally fine. Darion was totally fine. They turn their headsone second later they're, hearing gunshots. That does not stay right withme, not at all, and then also conveniently no body cams no dashtowns,especially if fors someone who chotule advocates for it. None of it makes sense who doesn't, andif, if you look at the picture, which me personally, I highly recommen thatyou do. If you see it, I'm nong to say that you will, but there's really highpossibility. You will understand what you're talking about I'll, definitelylink the picture in the show notes and I'll try and post someat insogram. SoSusan Hunt maintains that she never ever considered taking hush money fromthe state and Darian's entire family continue to work tirelessly to achievejustice for their boy. They actually have a couple change dot, org petitionsthat they release that are both trying to help get darian's case reopens andReexamine I'll definitely definitely be linking those well do you have any final thoughts. I do actually have a question 'cause. IA do. Do the change like...

IIT's? No, like a O, be honest. I, my ignorance when it comes to this,do do they actually like make a huge difference. I've always heard that they do. Yes, Ithink, especially when you get to tens of thousands or millions even ofsignatures, that's the public showing that they are watching and they'reputting pressure on whoever the petition is fighting for or fightingagainst, so yeah I've. In my experience yeah, they do actuallymake a difference. ECAUSE long forsemenill see that there are peopleall over the country or all over the world that are like we're watching youore waiting to see what your next move is m, then yeah, no there' virtually noreason not to sign a petition. I won't go dtoo much of a tangent butthere's a serious problem where she's a threat to someone's life. imind you a kid dresslie in animatecharacter as a threat to someone's life, and I bring up his name off the BrockTurner Yeah, a guy who, no I'm sorry, a scumbag, raped a girl,binded dumpster, isn't you know as an anomy fan myself at thispoint like nothing is off limits. All they truly do. Is They silenced her? They put a dollar Amou on her sum and her son's Lifein in her son's caseand told her ether take it or we dropped the case entirely. I mean either way they dropped the caseentirely. I'm not sure I couldn't find it if it's beenreleased, but she was forced to take the settlement,but she also still continues to abvocate publicly for her son. So Idon't know what sort of legal agreement was reached or if she somehow was ableto yeah, but she does still publicly advocate for her son. Thankfully she'sstill able to do that. I just think I mean the one, the witness that saidhe saw Daryin swing the sword up and down on the officers. As now saying, henever said that and that Darian wasn't threatening at all. The other witnessessay that the conversation looked totally fine and then boom gunshots. Hewas running for his life, I mean if they needed him to stop that bad. Theycouldn't have taste him. I mean when someone's running for their life,they're, not a threat to you anymore, and he wasn't. Even he refused to put a sword down that hewas totally justified and protected by the law in carrying I just don't he wasn't threateninganyone's life. He was just trying to save his own, and maybe hedidn't want to put down his property when he knew that he paid for and that he wascarrying legally yeah and safely and bringing no word Wat any worry. I wanress that enough. WHOs wo Wasinhis riht well within his right, and yet they were unsettled mind you t in themidst of a pandamic. You have people literally walking around with what ArFifteen's, because they don't want to work. Fky Mask Yeah because they wanthaircuts yeah, but that's not a threat. You don't see that as a fiable, epillynoweythey're, not a Thrat, but srthor sort, careful, tiscits dangeros.Michelle also told me, remember: She had known Darians family only a littlebit, but she still knew of them n w who they were. She said that Darianactually looked younger. In Person D, he almost looked like a high schooler.So essentially it's a kid m walking around with a fakesword which the law, even if it was a real sword, would not prohibit him fromcarrying. He is no threat to anyone and in after thirty seven second ordealwith the police. He ends up that mind. You even in the initial call, which I can only imagine the guilt, theguy the person who called in Darian. He...

...clearly states he's not he's not a threat to anyonehe's just casually walking the nine one. One operator asks what Darian is doingand the guy says the kid's just walking, so he even admits that he's not anactive threat and the fact that the officer officer Judson came alreadywith backup. I mean that's just. I know it is kind of common practicefor two officers to show up at a scene but he's not described as his partneror anything it's described, Azbacca and normally backup as a colld unlessthere's like a significant threat to the officer, so that just leads me tobelieve that officer Judson saw a person of color ANDAS. His withdog process was Oh, this is athreat wic. A significant H, read absolutely in this case also was rightaround the time that Michael Brown was shot and killed by police in manyways.That case was the Catalis of the black lives notter movement, which I want tobe clear. This poncast wholeheartedly support. Yes, absolutel. I don't knowwhy this one didn't guarder national attention. I mean, of course, all ofthem can', but with it being so close to kind of a thing that started themovement. That does surprise me. I hope that this pod cast reaches some peopleand brings more attention to Darian's case. Please, please support his familyby signing that petition. It's totally free. It takes all of thirty secondsand it makes a real difference. I want to thank Michel again forrecommending this case to me. I had never heard of it, but every case likethis deserves tattension and deserve a spotlight shown on it. Thank you somuch will for coming on for this one. I was so happy to have you talke aboutsefy loves, or thank you of course. I'll definitelyhave you back soon and thank you guys as always, so so much for listening.You can find me on in Scram and swetter at Locktedor pod in our faceboot group.Did you lock the door or you can email me at lock the door pod at Cino? DOTCOMrechouts me message me with C suggestions, thoughts, theories or justto say hi. I always want to talk to you guys and is always make sure you lockyour doors ie.

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