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Did You Lock The Door?

Episode 16 · 2 years ago

Minisode: The Mossgas Killer


Hi Guys, welcome back to did you lock the door? The podcast. I'm your host, Peyton Reese, and I'm so excited about today's episode. Today we are actually traveling all the way to Russia. I studied abroad for three weeks in Russia about a year ago and it was one of the best experiences of my life easily. While I was there, I made a couple of friends, one of whom I still communicate with pretty regularly on Instagram, and she is actually the one that brought this case to my attention. This is one that I have not seen mentioned in any podcasts or youtube videos or any American media outlets. I actually really had to rely pretty heavily on Russian news outlets for this one, which was exciting because Russian language was one of my miners when I was getting my bachelor's degree, so it was so nice to be able to put those language skills that I learned to work and have to translate all of this information. And with that being said, most of these Russian media outlets did omit certain names of people involved with this case, and I definitely think that was done for privacy reasons. And if I thought that it took away from the story that I'm about to tell you at all, I wouldn't be bringing this case to you. So no worries, guys. I just wanted to put it out there before I get into the case, that some of the names of a couple of victims and certain other people involved have been omitted. But it is such an interesting and insane story and I'm pretty sure it'll be one that most of you have never heard about before.

So, without further ado, let's get into it. Vladimir Ion Sean was born into Bliese, Georgia in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven. When he was just a young boy, his father was sentenced to seven years in prison for trade fraud. His father would maintain his innocence, however, and his entire family would remain adamant about the fact that he was not guilty. In one thousand nine hundred and fifty four, at the young age of only seventeen, ionisan found himself in trouble with the law. He would be found guilty of theft and was sentenced to five years of probation. While I could not find what exactly was stolen, I did read that a group of eonisan's friends participated in this crime with him. The names of these friends are unknown, so I'm unsure of their sentences. However, I would imagine that they are similar to that that our main man, Aonisan, was sentenced to. I was actually quite shocked reading about this, because, I mean, it's no secret that the Soviet Union was quite fond of their harsh punishments. So he was incredibly lucky to have only been sentenced to five years probation. I mean, that's insane for the time. Ioni son, however, would not be so lucky come the year one nineteen fifty nine, when he would receive a sentence of two and a half years in prison for evading military service. Upon his release, he would quickly find himself married, and he and his wife would almost just as quickly find themselves parents, his wife having given birth to their first and only child, a son. And again, since there is very little information both about a one son and about certain other people involved in this story that is out there on the Internet, especially in English, I wasn't able to find the name of his wife Or, if his child, but they don't play a huge role in this story,... I don't think you all will leave disappointed that you don't know the name of his wife and his child. Ioni sons unnamed wife discovered that he was, and pretty fairly often, still hanging out with a group of friends that he had gotten arrested with in one thousand nine hundred fifty four, and after finding out about this, she was actually able to convince her husband that associating with this crowd could result in him winding up back in prison once again. So the family up and moved to Orenburg, Russia. This new city was not only one thousand three hundred and eighty two miles, or two thousand two hundred and twenty four kilometers, away from their home into Blis, it was also in a different country. They moved from the country of Georgia to the country of Russia. Ionisan's wife hoped that this move would result in him leaving any traces of his criminal past behind. Upon arriving in Orenburg, ionisan would get a job as an actor and a singer at a local theater that largely focused on comedic productions. The family was settling in pretty well, and there was a period where they lived normal and happy lives. All of this would begin to change, however, when the theater that ionisan worked at hired a ballerina named Alavatina Dmitrieva. Ionisan was immediately smitten, and reportedly, Dmitrieva felt the exact same way. For a while, they were satisfied with their secret love affair. However, eventually, and unsurprisingly, the two began to fantasize about running away to Moscows together to start a new life. This fantasy would soon become a reality. One day, ionisan and DMITRIOVA walked into their local train station, purchased tickets to Moscow and left their lives and, in Aoni San's case, his family behind without a second thought. Once they arrived in Moscow, some of their excitement began to wane as the two realized that they... had no home and no jobs. By some miracle, you onisn ran into a very kind man willing to allow him and his lover to reside in an apartment he owned but did not use. Finding jobs, however, would prove to be a much more difficult task, so difficult in fact, that you onisan eventually decided his only option was to turn to robbery to make money. On December, twenty of one thousand nine hundred and sixty three. After deciding on an apartment complex, he began knocking on doors pretending to be an inspector for the company MAS gas. Mas Gas was a company that installed gas lines for most of the homes and apartments in Russia. It was incredibly common friend inspector to stop by unannounced just to check on the gas columns and make sure that everything was working properly. Since this was such a common occurrence, the residence of the apartment complex that you onissan decided to victimize let him into their homes without a second thought. The door to one of the apartments was opened by a twelve year old boy. After entering and realizing that the child was home alone, ionison removed an axe from his bag that he had brought with him and struck the boy at least ten times in the chest and head. He then collected his loot of sixty roubles, which at the time would have been about eighty cents in U S dollars, so an incredibly small amount even in Soviet Union. Nineteen sixty three, a child's sweater, a bottle of Cologne and a pair of sunglasses. The police, recognizing the fear that the community was feeling, got right to work on this case. Ionisn had visited several apartments, so it was easy for them to put together and quickly release a sketch of the attacker. The sketch resembled him so perfectly that he got spooped and decided that his next attack had to be an entirely different city. Just five days after his first murder, ionisn convinced Dmitrieva to take a...

...trip with him, and the pair traveled four and a half hours by train to the city of Ivanovo. He once again posed as a MAA's gas employee and eventually entered an apartment in which he found a twelve year old boy home alone. He once again removed his axe from his bag and killed the child. This time he would escape with only a jacket and two fountain pens. Perhaps feeling dissatisfied with his lute, ionisan would commit his next murder just one hour later. He knocked on the door of a seventy four year old woman and, correctly assuming that he could overpower her, he killed her before stealing a pocket flashlight and seventy copex and COPEX. Just so you will know, are a form of or. They were a form of Russian and currency even smaller than the ruble. So his lute this time was smaller than anything he had procured so far. Well, eonisan would always maintain that the motive for his crimes was robbery. His next crime, coupled with the fact that he always brought a deadly weapon to the scene and rarely took anything of real value from his victim's apartments, would lead the police to believe that this was not at all the case. Just one day after his double murder, he once again went out and began his usual mall's gas ruse. After knocking on a door and finding a fifteen year old girl named Galina inside all alone, he subdued her, raped her and then hit her over the head nine times with his axe. He did not steal anything from her apartment. Galina would be luckier than a one sans previous victims. She would survive his attack, and she was even able to give the police a description of the man who had attacked her. The description that Galina gave to the police was nearly identical to the one given following the first attack. Not only that, but the murders had occurred in such a short time span that the police knew they were almost certainly looking for the same perpetrator. The similar Mo to the murder of the...

...old woman and to the two little boys allowed the police to connect those murders to this maniac. Following this discovery, Russia would assign their best detectives from all over the country to this case, and if you know anything about the detective work on the Andre Chiicatello case, perhaps Russia's most infamous serial killer, you'll know that this was handled so much differently and so much better. And for the Soviet police, this was a very impressive task force put together to catch this man. At this time, a culture of fear was spreading throughout the country. Although the murders so far had only been committed in two cities, people all across Russia were terrified. Many of Russia's children actually began calling their friends and, after about five to ten seconds of silence, would whisper Mas gas calling before hanging up. Ionisun began to see an increased police present in Ivan Novo, so he and Dmitrieva traveled back to Moscow. The couple had only been in Ivanovo for three days, from December twenty five to December twenty eight. After returning to Moscow, it would take only three days for a onison to kill again. Once again using his mods gas Roos, he knocked on doors until he found an eleven year old boy named Sasha alone in his apartment. Ionision wasted no time bringing the axe down on the boy's head, killing him. He would again take nothing from this apartment. Ionison would commit his final murder on January eight of one thousand nine hundred and sixty four. Worried that the fear of the citizens of Moscow were feeling would cause his mobs gas ruse to be unsuccessful this time around, ionisan decided to pose as an employee of Russia's housing department, coming to check and see if any improvements needed to be made. At this point, it had been well established that...

...the man terrorizing Russia was posing as a mas gas employee, so people were likely to let their guard down as soon as they heard the words housing departments and not the Word Mall's gas. Upon entering an apartment of a forty six year old woman living alone, you, Oniston waited for her to turn her back before bringing the axe down on her head over twenty times. This time, ionison would once again steal something from her. He walked away with three pairs of wool socks, a small clock, thirty roubles and a small TV. A police officer would notice a man walking down the street carrying a TV and catching a ride with a passing driver. Correctly believing this to be suspicious, the officer was able to track down the car after only a few days and, upon doing so, ask the driver where he had taken the man. While police were working on this, it was determined that a woman in the area had recently been murdered, most likely by the most gas killer, and that a TV had been taken from her apartment. The driver of the car was able to take police right to the home of Ionisan and Dmitrieva, and she was horrified when the police entered and began asking her about the mose gas killer. She had not for a second suspected the man she loved to be at all violent. It is unclear, however, if she was aware of his decision to use left as a source of income. After some convincing by the police, DMITRIEVA agreed to help officers capture her lover. She told them that he had recently left for Kazan, a Russian city about ten hours away from Moscow by train, and that he would be returning on January twelfth. Police had DMITRIEVA call Eonisan and arranged to meet him at the train station upon his return. This allowed them to find out what time and at what station eonisan would be arriving. They made sure to have officers waiting for him when he arrives back in Moscow. They had already found the T V in the apartment that he shared with Dmitrieva, and through that they were able to...

...determine that he was more than likely the MAU's gas killer. His murder spree had lasted approximately nineteen days. His trial would last even less than that, at eighteen. He would be found guilty on January thirty first nineteen sixty four, and, after the police announced that the Soviet Union would not tolerate any individual that committed such heinous crimes, he was executed by gunfire the very next day. Despite her assistance in the capture of the Maus gas killer, dmitrieva would be sentenced to fifteen years in prison due to the police believing that she had helped eonisan cover up his crimes, and that is all that I was able to find for you guys on Russia's Ma's gas killer. I hope you enjoy learning about this as much as I did. I mean enjoyable, for lack of a better term. It's never enjoyable to hear about such brutal crimes, but it was kind of exciting to research a case that I had never heard of before and, from the lack of American news coverage that it got, I'm sure most of you haven't heard of either. As I said in the Intro, I'm going to go ahead and categorize this as a minisode because this one is going to be so short. I'm sorry about that. I will try to get my next episode out for you guys in just a couple of days. I knew this one would be shorter, but see, you guys deserve another episode this week, so I'm going to get that out as soon as possible. Remember that you can follow me at lock the door pod, on instagram and twitter. I have a facebook page. All you have to do is look for did you lock the door? And please feel free on any of those platforms to DM me your thoughts on any of my episodes, any case suggestions that you have, or if you just want to say hi, I always welcome that. You can also email me with any of those things at lock the door pod at GMAILCOM and I will make sure to...

...get a new episode out to you guys very, very soon. As always, make sure you lock your doors by.

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