Did You Lock The Door?
Did You Lock The Door?

Episode 4 · 1 year ago

Serial Killer: John Wayne Gacy


A deep dive into the life of infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy.


Hello and welcome back to did you lockthe door, the podcast today I have a very exciting topic for you. I've beenresearching this guy for days and I'm so excited to tell you all the story ofJohn Wayne Gasi. So John Wayne Gasey was born on March, seventeenth, oneTsand, nine hunerend and forty two, which is sint Patrick's Day and alsocoincidentially the same day that my mom and one of my best friend Jameswere born. So shout out to them. He had two sisters named Joann andKaren, and he actually was indeed given the Middle Name Wayne after the famousactor John Wayne. His father hoped that giving him that title would help himgrow into a real man's man. His father was described as a selfproclaimed man's man. However, he was horrifically abusive, both mentally andphysically to all three of his children and his wife. However, he wasespecially abusive to John when he was drunk. He would beat his children witha leather strap in one day, while being beaten, something and John just snapped.He stopped crying and began to show no emotion at all, which would only go onto anger. His father more his father would consistently try to engage Johnin sports. However, Gaysei was much more interested in things like bakingand gardening. Hobbies that his father considered to be feminine. His fatheris even quoted as saying that he would rather, his son, be dead than be ahomosexual. John's mother was described as incredibly sweet and loving, and shewould often try to shield John from his father, which would only stir up moreviolence towards the both of them. At just seven years, old Gasey wasaccused of molesting a neighborhood girl, an accusation that would earn hima particularly brutal beating from his father, also at age. Seven he would bemolested by a family friend. He would keep this from his family.However, due to fear of his father, blaming him for the assault andpunishing him for it. Gasey would steal abroad underwear fromhis mom, and sometimes he would put them on and just stare at himself inthe mirror, even on occasion, putting on Lipstick and wondering what it wouldhave been like to have been born a girl one day, while playing with fellowneighborhood Children Gaysei passed out. He would then be diagnosed with acongenial heart condition, killing his father's dreams of him becoming anathlete once and for all. John would actually be hospitlized throughout manyof his teenage years, due to a seizure that caused a ruptured appendix as wellas many other strange medical conditions in the a nineteen and sixtyat the age of eighteen, gasy became involved in politics, working as anassistant, pretinct captain for a Democratic Party candidate in hisneighborhood. His father didn't approve of this job,calling him a patsy for it in Ione, thnd, nine unded and sixty two at age.Twenty John would leave his family and move toLas Vegas Nevada. He was tired of his father's consistent abuse and he wantedto try and make it on his own well out there. He would soon get a job as amortuary assistant and he would sleep behind the enbalming room. He reports that one night he climbedinto the coffin where the body of a teenage boy was laid and cuddled withit before realizing the disturbing nature of his actions and quicklyclimbing out around this time. He was struggling with his sextuality,eventually coming to the realization that he was bisexual after just three months at this job. Hewould move back home with his family in...

Chicago and upon returning. He wouldenroll in northwestern business college and take up a job at a shoe storecalled the nun Bush Shoe Company. They would soon transfer him to a store inSpringfield Illinois, where he would almost immediately begin dating a cowork near Marilyn Myers. Her father was very wealthy and also involved inpolitics. The two would date for about nine months before marrying. InSeptember, oe D, nine tuneen nd, sixty four Myer's father purchased threeKentucky Fried Chicken Stores and gave John The position of manager. This newjob title, however, required GAISIE and his wife to move to Waterloo Iowa upon the move to Waterloo AC, wouldjoin an organization called the United States Junior Chamber, also known asthe JACS. This is a leadership, training and civic organization aimedat people ages. Eighteen to forty, it was in this organization that gasywould meet the man that would indulge him in his first consensual homosexualexperience. Reportedly, the man invited him over for drinks and once the twowere sufficiently intoxicated, the man would perform oral sex on Gasi. This is sort of a method that Gasiwould go on to copy you with his later victims. His wife Marylyn would havetwo children. One boy named Michael Born in February, one husand, ninehundred and sixty six and a girl named Christine born in March, O o thousandNinetenen and sixty seven gacy would go on to describe this asthe happiest time in his life, even sating that it was the only time hisfather ever told him that he was proud of him. Apparently, there was a very largeswinger's culture in Waterloo, a culture in which Gasei regularlypartook. He would invite coworkers and younger boys to drink and party in hisbasement regularly making sexual advances on the younger men in Auguston Tousa Nineteen D. Sixty seven gasey would commit his first assault that weknow of on a boy names, donald for Hes, who was the son of one of his friendsand fellow JAC's. Donald apparently saw gasy as sort of acool older brother type, so he was able to luarn him to his house with thepromise of free alcohol and Ponography. Once the boy was drunk, Gaiseyperformed Oro sex on him and following the incident gaysie threatened the boywith violence. Should he report what had happened, then he paid him fiftydollars for his silence and sent him home. Several other young men wouldfall victim to Gasey in a similar manner. Over the next few months. In March of the following year, DonaldVor hes would come clean to his father about what had happened and they wouldimmediately go to the police, AC vehemiately denied the charges claimingthat he was being set up and eventually that he and Vor Hes had engaged inconsensual sexual activity. However, this would not be believed andgasy would be convicted of sodamy on December third housand nine teen andsixty eight and convicted to ten years in prison. Prior to this conviction,gasey would undergo a psych evaluation, which would result in him beingdiagnosed with antisocial personality disorder throughout his time in prison,Gaisey would become friends with many of his fellow inmates and with theprison guards. He also became a chef in the kitchen due to his experienceworking at KFC, and it was reported that the prison food he made wasactually quite delicious about a year after his conviction, Gaseye's fatherwould pass away from serosis of the liver. Despite his father's constantabuse. This was a huge blow to Gasey. He was distraught even reportedlyfalling to the ground and sobbing upon hearing the news. He felt that hisfather had died due to the shame he felt after his son was found guilty onJune eighteenth nineteen, seventy gasy would be granted perol having servedjust eighteen months of his ten year...

...sentence, which is absolutely insane.If you ask me, eighteen months for sexually assaulting a child in February.One thousand nine hundred and seventy one gaysy would be accused ofattempting to sexually assault another boy, however, all charges would bedropped when the victim did not appear in court. Gaseie's mother would eventually gifthim the funds that would allow the two of them to move into a home inNorthwood Park, Township Illinois together. This would be the infamoushome in which all of the crimes were committed and most of the bodies werefound very quickly. After moving in gaysy would become engaged to a womannamed Carrol Haff. The two had been friends during highschool, so it wasn't hard for them to jump right into a relationship. Halfhad two young daughters and they reportedly took very well to Gaisei,calling him daddy almost immediately. Gasey would tell his wife that he wasbiosexual and it did not seem to face her O. reportedly, she accepted himimmediately. Gasie and holfs sweating date was set for July. First, SD, nineteen. Seventy two one week before this, a young man named Jackie D, wouldaccuse Gasi of impersonating a police officer in order to lure him into hiscar and force him to perform oral sex D Wood. However, attempts to BlackmaileGaysi asking him for money, ind exchange for dropping the charges. Oncethis was discovered, the charges would be dropps anyway, and Gayseie and Hoffwould go on to Mary on their schedule. Date. Casy started a contractingbusiness named PDM contractors, a business which quickly becamesuccessful as he would make it a habit to hire teenage boys onto hiscontracting business in on thousand nine hundred, and seventy three gayseywould take one of these boys to Florida for work. One night, while they were there,Gaisey reportedly raped the boy in his hotel room and upon returning toIllinois. The boy would show up at Gasie's house and beat him. However,his wife's mother would step in before the beating got too severe. Gaseyexplained the situation away by saying he had refused to pay the boy for poorquality work and the boy had lashed out violently in response. Gaisey would once again become involvedwith the Democratic Party and all of his coworkers and neighbors describedhim as friendly and helpful Gasi was able to become such a pillar in thecommunity so quickly because moving from Iwas Illinois, no one had any ideaof his jail time or any of the charges that had been brought against himpreviously. So there was no reason for any of them to suspect that he wasn'tthe kind charismatic man they had all come to know and love in one housand.Nine hundred and seventy five gassey would be given the position of directorfor the Polish Constitution Day parade, and it was through this work that hewas able to meet and take the infamous photograph with First Lady RosalindCarter. Gasey would also become involved in his local Moose Club, whichis a fraternal organization located in Moush, Hart Illinois, and it wasthrough this organization that he began volunteering his time to dress up as aclown to entertain children at local hospitals, as well as town, fundraisingevents. He named his Persana Poko the clown and the makeup. Look that he usedwas actually used as inspration for two thousand and Nineteen Joker starringwalking Phoenix something interesting about gace'sclown makeup was that clowns usually go for soft edges and circles, becausethey're seen as less harsh and more friendly to children, however, Gasiwould use triangles and hard edges for his clown makeup after Gasti and hiswife had sex on Mothersday on thousand nine thundred and seventy five. Heinformed her that this would be the quote last time that they ever had sex. After this he would take to staying outall night telling his wife he had to work late. She would discover gay pornin his obsession and this combined with...

...him becoming meaner and Mener towardsher led to the couple divorcing, inone thousand nine hundred and seventy six we're going to jump back a little bitto January, O Ne Thousand Nine hundred and seventy two. So four years earlier,Gaysey would offer a ride to a sixteen year old boy named Timothy Jack mccoay Gasey took the boy home with him withthe promise of driving him wherever he needed to go. The next morning,reportedly gaisie awoke the next day to see maccoy standing in his doorwayholding a kitchen knife. He ran at the boy slammed his headagainst the bedroom wall and then stobbed him repeatedly in the chest. He says that he felt drained aftercommitting the murder, but also stated that he achieved a state of pleasure hehad never before experienced. He now knew that he would have to kill toachieve this sensation. After murdering the Kid Gasi said that he walked intothe kitchen to find the table set for two. He then realized what had just occurred.The boy had come in to wake him up for breakfast and had simply forgotten toput down the knife. Gaisy reportedly committed his second murder in January,one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. So two years later he says helearned a boy that must have been between the ages of fourteen andeighteen into his home before strangling him and hiding his body inhis closet throughout the body's time in Gasye's, closet, fluid leaked out ofthe boy's mouth and stained his carpet. Gasy says that this incident led him tostuff cloth inside the mouths of his victims. From now on, on thousand nine htundred and seventyfive would be the year that Gasei really got into cruising an activitywhich involved driving around town until he found a man willing to engagein sexual activity in July. One thousand nine hundred andseventy five Gaysey would show up to the home of one of his employees. Afifteen year old boy named Anthony Aunsnuci gaseie offered the boy alcoholwhich he accepted and once he was drunk gaysy asked the boy if he would like tosee a magic trick after saying yes, Gasey would handcuff ANTINUCCI, andit's important to note that, while doing this, Gasey was fully dressed aspogo the clown. He began to speak in a high pitched voice and even startedgrowling and barking like a dog. Then he began taunting. The boy sayingquotes I'm going to rape, you al the, while still using a sing, Songi andhigh pitched voice. He then knocked Ansinuci to the floor and the two beganto wrestle miraculously AUNTINUCCI was able tobreak free of the cuffs and to put them on Gasi after freaking out, gasyeventually said that he would leave if the boy simply removed the handcuffs Antonuthi agreed, and he recalls achilling statement made by Gaisey right before he left his home. Not only are you the one who got out ofthe cuffs, you got them on me just one week after this incident, gacywiller another of his employees, eighteen year old, John Bookkevik, tohis home, with the promise of settling a financial dispute. The two werehaving Gasey owed him two weeks worth of pay and but KABIC was very excitedto finally settle this dispute. Once inside ace used a similar ruse tohandcuff the boy, and then he reportedly quote sat on his chest for awhile. Before strangling him to death, he then buried the body under the floorof his garage. GASIE's, wife and children were visiting family inArkansas at the time and when they came home they had no idea the horrors thatlived beneath their floor. When Bukevik's father called Gaysi toinquire about his sons, whereabouts Gasie told him that he had left hishouse safe and sound and that he would be more than happy to help him searchfor his son. Gasey would reportedly fall intoroutine of getting his victims, drunk convincing them to put on handcuffs,raping them and then strangling them to death. With a rope, Casey would reach his homicidal peakbetween the years n thousand nine hunred and seventy six one hosand ninehundred and seventy eight. He remember...

...was recently divorced at this time andnow had the house to himself just one month after divorcing, hiswife Gasey would have ducks and murder. Eighteen year old, Darrel Samsonfollowed just a couple of weeks later by fifteen year old, Randall ruffet. It is believed that gasee might havetaken two boys in one night, because just hours after reffit disappearedfourteen year old, Samuel Stapleton would also vanish. The two would befound barries together in Gasey's crawl space in June oe ousand, nine hundred andseventy six Gaisey would have ducked rape and murder seventeen year old,Michael Bonon and sixteen year old, William Carroll. He would also go on tomurder a man that has yet to be identified in July, one thousand nine hundred andseventy six. So just a month later, an eighteen yearold, employ of Gasie's name David Cram moved in with him. Casey tried tohandcuff him on numerous occasions. However, once cram realized his trueintentions, he on one of these occasions kickdgasy in the face,knocking him out and was able to retrieve the key and free himself fromthe cuffs. However, this incident did not convince him to move out. I have no idea why and sometime laterKrahm awoke to find Gasey standing in his bedroom door. Gasey would say Dave,you really don't know who I am. Maybe it would be good if you give me what Iwant by some Muracle, however, Kram was able to resist gacy's advances and hemoved out of the home the next day. He also quit working for pediumcontractors, although he would pick up work from GAYSI infrequently over thecoming years. In December thirtieth, one thousand nine hundred and seventyseven Gaysi abducted nineteen year old Robert Donnelly. He then took donallyto his home, where he proceeded to rape and torture, him with various devices,even repeatedly dunking his head into the bath tub, which he had filled withwater until donnilly passed out. He would then revive the boy and startthe process all over after hours of this torture, Gaisi forunknown reasons, drove donnally to his place of work, removed the handcuffsand released him donnally reported the assaults and gaysy would be questionedon January. Sixth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight Gasey wouldadmit to having what he would describe as slave sex with donnally, but he toldthe police that everything was consensual. They believed him and nocharges would be filed in March O on Houand nine hunered and seventy eightgasy lered a twenty six year old, named Jeffrey rignel into his car upon entering the vehicle. The youngman would be immediately chloroformed and driven to Gasee's home, where hewould be rapes and tortured with various instruments that included whipsand even Lik. Handles Gasy, then drove rignal back to LincolnPark where he was dumped. Gaysey thought the boy was dead, but heactually was just unconscious. He would eventually manage to crawl his way hometo his girlfriend's apartment and eventually, despite the chloroform hazeof the night, rignall was able to recall GACI's distinctive black oldsmobile, and he would actually stake out some exits on the express way wherehe knew gasy had picked him up until he eventually did see the car whichrignall and his friends would follow to eight two ondre three West Summerdale,the address of gace's infamous murder, house pleace, issued an arrest warrant andgasie would officially be arrested in December. One thousand nine hundred andseventy eight for the murders on the evening of December twentieth,Gasie, actually drubed his lawyer's Office for a prearranged meeting thatthe two had he was visibly intoxicated and even asked his lawyer from morealcohol upon arrival, which he was provided. Gasie then noticed a copy ofa newspaper titled The Daily Harald on...

...his lawyer's desk. He picked it uppointed to an article on the front page discussing the disappearance of a boynamed Robert Pest, and he told his lawyer quote this boy is dead. He's ina river over the hours that followed Gaseywould ramble his way through confessions, some of which included himsaying he had been the judge, jury and executioner of many many people, mostof whom were buried inside his very owne home. He would refer to his victims ashustlers liars and even prostitutes and discussed the rope trick that hewould use the rope trick was a method he would use to strangle his victims todeath. He would use a rope to tie a turniquit around their necks andtighten it until they were no longer alive on other occasions. He says thathe has no memory of the crimes. He would just awake to find. The kids deadapparently strangled to death on his floor with their hands, always cuffedbehind their backs as a result of the alcohol he hadconsumed. Gasey would pass out midway through his confession and when heawoke the next morning, Gasey was flabergasted dofind that he hadconfessed to killing approximately thirty people stating quotes well. Ican't think about this right now. I've got things to do. He would thenimmediately leave the office and go home where he apparently attended tobusiness inquiries. GAYSEE would be brought to trial onFebruary sixth e Tusand, nine hundred and eighty, and he would be chargedwith the murder of thirty three young boys. He was tried in Cook CountyIllinois because it was believed that his home county would have been toobiased against him. At the request of his Defense Councilgase spent over three hundred hours in the year before his trial, with thedoctors at the Menared Correctional Center, he underwent a variety ofpsychological tests before the psychiatrist would eventually determinehim mentally competent to stand trial. Dotor Robert Stein, a medical examinerin charge of examining gases victims testified that thirteen victims h haddied of aspociation six of ligature strangulation and only one of multiplestabuons to the chest. For Ten of the victims, the exact cause of death couldnot be determined, although they were all ruled tomicides. Jeffrey rignelwould take the stand to testify against gaisy repeatedly breaking down whiledescribing the horrific torture that he had endured at Gasie's hands eventually after vomiting, he wasexcused and no longer had to testify when the trial finally came to aconclusion. The jury would deliberate for a little over two hours beforedelivering their guilty verdict and sentencing John Wayne Gaizey to deathfor the horrible atrocities that he had committed. Gaysey would be incarceratedfor fourteen years in the METORAD Correctional Center. Before on May,Ninth Nine Tundren. Ninety four, the day of execution, would finally comefor his last meal. Gaysey would order a bucket of his favorite Kentucky, FriedChicken, some fried shrimp French friesstrawberries and, to top it all off a diet coke, which is actually my mom's,favorite soda. So mom, that's something else you have in common with John WaynGasey. He would be permitted to share this meal with his family and he wouldlater be taken into the execution chamber and after eighteen minutes andwith his final words being KISSD, my ass John Wayne Gasey would finally pay theultimate punishment for his crimes on May tenth, nine tundred. Ninety four attwelve, fifty eight in the morning. So that was a lot of very tark inbrutal information. I did not cover every single one of gacy's killings,but I would like to take the time now... go over the names of all of hisknown victims. I just want to honor them a bit by doing that and I'm going to get this list off ofWikipedia just want to list my source, so the first known victim is TimothyJack. McCoy whe was age. Sixteen the second was John Buckvick Age,eighteen, the Third Darryl Samson, also age,eighteen, the fourth Randall Wayne Ruffet Age,fifteen, the fifth Samuel Stapleton Age,Fourteen, the sixth Michael Bonan age, seventeen, the seventh, William Carroll Age,sixteen, the eighth, James, Byron, Hackinson Age.Sixteen, the Ninth Rick Johnston, age, seventeen, the tenth, Kenneth Ray Parker Age.Sixteen, the eleven Michael Morino Age, fourteen the Twelvth, William George Bundy,that's Tha, fun little tie and it hed Bundy agenineteen, the thirteen gregorygodzick age, seventeen, the fourteen, John Psyche, age, nineteen, the fifteen John Steven, prestige, age,twenty, the Sixteen Matthew, Bowman Age, nineteen, the seventeent, Robert EdwardGilroy, age, eighteen, the eighteent would be John Anthony, Malrey age,nineteen nineteenth Russell Lloyd, Nelson Age,twenty one Thetwentyet Robert Wynch Age, sixteen thetwenty, first Tommy Joe Bowling Ge,twenty, the Twenty Second David Paul Tolsma Age,Nineteen, the twenty third, William Wayne,kindred age, nineteen, the twenty fourt, Timothy d o' Rorick,age, twenty thetwenty, fifth, Frank, William,landing age, nineteen thetwenty, six, James Mazaro Age,twenty and the twenty sevent Robert Jerom pist age. Fifteen I've only gonethrough twenty seven names and, as we know, Gaysei would kill unknown. Thirty.Three Young Boys Wo Twenty eight through thirty three have yet to beidentified. You can find pictures of those John does with ha simple googlesearch. So if you're interested in helping return, those victims to theirfamilies and helping them find closure, I definitely recommend doing that. Iknow this is been a very heavy episode, so thank you so so much for listening and I just want to make sure did you lock your door? I know this has been a very heavyepisode. So thank you so so much for taking the time out of your day tolisten and before I let you go, I just want a double check. Did you lock the door.

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