Did You Lock The Door?
Did You Lock The Door?

Episode 1 · 2 years ago

The Murder of Lindsay Buziak


Hello and welcome to did you lock the door podcast. I'm your host, Peyton Reese, and with me today I have one of my best friends, the FIA. Hello, people of the world, I'm visiting from New York. Okay, so today for my first episode, very exciting. We have the craziest case that I know of, and I look at a lot of true crime and wow, this is a freaking roller coaster. So today we're talking about the murder of Lindsay BOOZEAC and I actually got inspired to cover this case by crime junkie. I'm sure a lot of you listen to them and they just did this one, and I love Crime Junkie, I really do, but to me it just felt like in this case they left out a lot of details that I think are significant, and so once I just look them up again after listening to that episode, I was like Wow, I need to cover this. This is insane. I'm so obsessed with this case and I'm so excited to get into it with you all. So, without further ado, let's talk about Lindy BOOSYAC. So and feel free to chime and whenever you yeah, I've never heard. I am absolutely no um idea. I have no idea about this case coming into this. I listen to a lot of true crime as while I'm a fan of crime junkie and just like true crime in general, I think something that really put me off, I guess on the map for true crime was buzzfeed unsolved. Oh yes, UM, they're very good and interesting and funny, keep a lighthearted so I'm big fan of true crime as well as feel like modern day a lot of people are very interested in true crime. So this is just, you know, a fun and kind of dark, but I opening waves to kind of hop on. So this is going to be fun to kind of explore in the way that the two of us have with this, with this case, in my very little bit of knowledge. So, so Lindsay BOOZEAC was born on November two one thousand nine hundred and eighty three to her parents, Evelyn and Jeff Bousiac. Soun occur sad November second. No, she's a Scorpion, Scorpio Spacey. So Lindsay was described as very popular, popular, bubbly, could light up a room. All of her friends seemed to love her, had nothing but positive things to say about her. But we are going to kind of give you a little bit of background information but then really get into the players and the situations ones you had found herself in right before she was murdered. So so a lot of our information for this case came from a youtuber named Shawna Ray. She does pretty incredible, very in depth video into this case and she covers a lot of the key points that I think are important. So I just wanted to give her major props to that. We also used Jeff BOUZIAC's website, who killed the BOUSIAC, and some other sources, but, like I said, just wanted to give big credit to Shaana. So where we're going to start with our story was Linday had spent five years in a relationship with a man named Matt and she described this relationship as I don't know if any of you have ever seen the show sex in the city, but Matt was her Mr Big. That's actually like to prefer to him. Yeah, I can't get the reference, but I guess it has to be a good thing, has to think. So yeah, I feel like whenever I've heard about the show, it's not a good thing, Mr big, but sounds like sugar daddy to me honestly, but apparently they had a very passionate some people even described it as a once in a lifetime type of relationship. But apparently along with that passion came a lot of fighting and arguing, and so I'm really explosive stuff like that. So eventually Lindsay Matt both came to the realization that maybe the relationship was not the best thing for them. There was said to be no animoster or anything, though. They both knew that they needed to exit this relationship and they both continued to care about one another after their relationship ended. Amicable, amicable. So so, shortly after this breakup, Lindsay started a real estate course and met a man named Ryan Zalo, who is quickly quite enticed by her. He would always be inviting her places, asking her out, buying her food or something.

Just always went out of her way to be in her present, and he was so infatuated, in fact, that he introduced her to his mom, Shirley Zalo, who worked at remax and is a bit of a real estate tycoon, I think you could say. Shirley was pretty quickly also enchanted with Lindsay and she offered her a job and Lindsay was quickly hired on two remax where she worked with Shirley. Ryan had an older brother named Jason who was also involved in the real estate business. He was a real estate broker, I believe. No, he was a mortgage broker, and as soon as he met Lindsay, along with his two other family members, he was quickly quite intriegud he asked her out on a couple dates. She said yes and soon after that they started a relationship together after just a few months of dating. Shirley's they loo would buy Jason and Lindsay a one point three million dollar home in Shawnigan Lake, which is about thirty miles away from where they had both previously lived in Victoria. And on top of the one point three million dollars she spent on the house for them, she also sent two hundred and Fiftyzero dollars on renovations, which is incredibly generous, don't get me wrong, but after just a couple months of dating, that's a yeah, it's I find it a lot because you don't even know what that could what kind of like relationship you're anchoring and you don't really know each other. And also, I don't know if we this is a Canadian basic murder. So, yeah, kind of say that this is kind of to me and can the nature of where you're living, the culture where're living, really helped to define which stranges and this is as Canadians. I mean sorry, but like, like this is just odd, like I don't know, I truthfully don't know the kind of value of money that they kind of have over there or the way that they value kind of a relationship going into the did. I mean they were still pretty young, she was still young, so it's kind of all that the mother would go ahead and buy such a expensive I mean it's not like they put any money into that. This lady went ahead and it decided, Oh, let me get this house for my son and his current girlfriend. So I think that's definitely a heavy load a place on. Yeah, that two people. So that's a lot of pressure, I think, to put on Lindsay because again, this is a very new relationship. And now your boyfriend's mom. I mean she was wealthy, but still a one point three million dollar home after just a couple months of dating. I mean I'm sure the home was beautiful and she was grateful. That is just, again, very generous, but very odd in my opinion. So soon after moving in together, Lindsay began to feel that Jason and Shirley had started to become more and more controlling over her and demanding of her, and it was even said by Lindsay's father and some of her closest friends that at this time Lindsay was thinking seriously about leaving Jason. However, he was able to convince her to stay. It was said, though, that she, on top of feeling that she was being more and more controlled by Jason, she had been missing her friends who were back in Victoria. It was only thirty miles away, but I mean it's not easy to make that drive every day, especially when you lived in the same city, because see each other a lot more. So that was a that that was another thing that was weighing heavily on Lindsay. So Jason Actually arranged for the two to move into a condo back in Victoria and interestingly enough, this condo was owned by Jason's brother, Ryan Zalo. Ryan actually kicked out the tenant that was currently living there so that Jason and Lindsay could move in, and Shirley invested an additional seventyzero dollars in renovations into this house. A very generous woman. Yeah, it's all a lot. Even I just don't understand the I guess maybe these people used to living laughsh really there for me this the research that I have is very, like I said, sparse, but it seems that these people are very comfortable. So I guess the mother just wanted them to feel comfortable with all the money going into the houses that they decide to move in, even back going back home, you know, just to make them feel comfortable. Her son, you know, live up to the standards that he's used to living and Jason and Shirley seemed to have a very, very close relationship. So it doesn't surprise me necessarily that if she has the means, she's willing to... him anything. So we are going to jump ahead a little here to January thirty. One of two thousand and eight, Lindsay will receive a call that all young real estate agents would want to receive. A woman called her saying that her husband had been transferred from Vancouver to Victoria and they were looking for a three bed three bathroom home with living space that could also allow for a live in nanny. And the kind of Cherry on top here was that their budget was around one million dollars, which would spell out a big commission for Lindsay. So the couple stated that they would be visiting Victoria the upcoming weekend for three days and they wanted to buy within the time that they would be there. However, something aside from or despite the fact that this call would be a dream for any young real estate agent to get, something was making Lindsay feel kind of uneasy because, for one, she really had never had a sale this big before, or really many sales at all. So why would these people call her directly and to the woman seemed to be speaking with an odd accent. Lindsay even speculated at some point that she was trying to fake an accent or disguise her real voice. It kind of sounded like someone like they were trying to imitate a Spanish accent, but she could never really be sure place her finger on it. So, being the cautious woman that she was, Lindsay did ask the woman how she had found her and was told that she had been recommended by a previous client. This previous clients name and information has never been released. So we don't know who they are. But when Lindsay did try to reach out to the former client, she was told that they were out of town and would not be able to get back into contact with her before the weekend viewing. So it took Lindsay a while. She had to do a lot of searching, but she eventually found a suitable home at one seventeen hundred and to just use a place in the suburb, in the suburb of Sammich that retailed for nine hundred and sixty four thousand dollars. So she can immediately called the couple and they set up the viewing and as Lindsay was telling her friends and family about it, she was excited, but she also told them that she was nervous. Again, something about this woman's accent just kind of made her feel uncomfortable and she was still, I think, a little on edge about the fact that they had called someone so young and an experience directly. That just didn't really happen to a lot of people. So there are a couple different versions of what comes next. So Lindsay did discuss with Jason Him showing up to the viewing and being there with her, but there are two different versions. One states that Lindsay wanted Jason to be there to kind of just be with her the whole time and protect her because, like we said, she was nervous, and others state that Lindsay asked Jason to drop off some paperwork that she would need and when he was doing that he would be able to just check in and make sure everything is okay. And with what happens later in the story, it will be very significant whether or like which version is true, because one will make him look quite guilty, one not so much. And and in like trying to figure like the inexperience that she had and just her nervousness, pretty much she called her dad and he just kind of advised her and not to go alone because she felt nervous about what was going on. She just felt something was not right about the phone call she got. You know, it's like it just a gut feeling and she honestly she should have stuff with her gut feeling because this just did not turn out to be a very successful deal gacs, and she just knew something was wrong with a phone call. She wasn't in a high enough place to be receiving like a million dollar aging. I'm not agent, I'm a million dollar client. And when she had asked how they had found out about her, how how these people knew her, it was an accurate client, but exactly like Payton said, client was out of town. So she did not want to let the opportunity pass her by, regardless of how she felt about it or not. Then, you know, she called her dad and he advised her not to go alone, which led her to talk to her boyfriend. And then there are the two versions. They're on what happens when the viewing happens. So now we're going to jump to the day of the murder, which would be February second, two thousand and eight, and this is really soon after Lindsay received that call. Remember that was January thirty one, so just a couple of days. So prior to the viewing. I'm not sure if this was February second or if... was the first or when, but Lindsay did receive a call from the husband of the couple that she would be showing the house too, and he did tell her that his wife wasn't feeling okay and that she would not be making it to the viewing. So, and now that I say that, I'm going to assume it was the same day, because I feel like maybe it was that same day, because it off put her. Well, as another thing that was like, well, this is the salt in this didn't sound right in the first place. So now all of a sudden the lady who called me is not available to see the House that she's so desperately wanted to see. It's like that. It doesn't make sense. And obviously, as a young woman, now that she's just going to be meeting the strange man she doesn't know, that would definitely make me feel nervous as well. So Jason and Lindsay, on the day of what would come to be her murder, went to a restaurant called sauce for lunch. They paid the bill and left at around thirty PM and Lindy went home to change clothes and Jason went to, I believe, take care of some car trouble at a place called S H so Lindsay will arrive to the House on time. Record show that she opened the houses lock box at five and twenty nine pm. And I don't want to say several I believe there are two or three eyewitnesses that do place a couple walking up to meet Lindsay at the house. Again, they arrive on foot, not by vehicle, which is kind of odd, like where do they come from? So witness descriptions say that the man was Caucasian, around six feet tall, with a medium build, that he had dark hair and was very well dressed. And about the woman, they would say that she also appeared caucasion, around thirty five to forty, with short cropped blonde hair and she was wearing a very distinctive dress. The dress was red, pink or Black Pink and whites and it was like a very distinctive wavy pattern going along the entirety of the dress. I will try to post pictured instagram. I'm sure I'll be able to. It's very easy to find. So right after witnesses see Lindsay introducing herself to the couple, they go inside the house, presumably to start the viewing. Around thirty Jason Text Lindsay saying that he'll be there in ten to fifteen minutes. The last text Lindsay will ever send is to Jason and it says okay, I'll see you in a bit. Got To go the Mexicans are here. So we're gonna just unpack that, because the the thing is that she made it a you know, she thought that the accent that the lead was speaking with was like a fake Spanish accent. And again, I don't know Canadian culture or like the exposure of like how many, like what the Hispanic population is in Canada, and this is apparently a very small town, Victoria. Everybody kind of knows everybody, so I really don't know the nature of how people are living over there. But the fact that she the fact that she called them the Mexicans, I just I have no words. It's I find it absolutely hilarious and and absolute as dead and horribly dead as she is. I just the Mexicans. I gotta go. The Mexicans are here, like I'm such a generalized I can't. It's hilarious. I know she had them saved in her phone under the Mexican she literally the contact name was the Mexicans. As shady as the phone call was, I'm never going to be. I'm not going to be over that. It's I find it absolutely hilarious. Yeah, I feel like no, whatever stops too just reflect on that. Yeah, I feel like the people find them the murder so brum. But the Mexicans, it's just too it's too funny not to address that. I don't pack it like she even sent in like a message, Ye, a full on record text message right before she died. I have to go. The Mexicans are here, like too much, I know. So I'm all that note. Oh, I'm not sure if you mentioned this, but Theyson had asked a CO worker of his named Cohen, to join him for dinner that evening, which Cohen had reported to be sort of odd. Him and Jason Were Co workers, like I said, but they definitely were not friends. Cohen actually didn't really want to go to dinner that night. He just wanted to go home and relax, but apparently Jason asked repeatedly and sort of begged him to go, and eventually Kohen agreed. And when they get into the car, Jason Tells Cohen that they have to go check on Lindsay First, and I think it's a bit important to note that this had not been mentioned to Cohen prior to him agreeing to go to dinner. He assumed that they would just be going to dinner nothing else. But anyway, on the way to the house,...

Jason Calls his brother Ryan for directions, which is a bit odd, like why did you not know where you were going? Like, I don't it just says I could just find four directions. So I'm not sure if he didn't even have the address at all or if he had the address and just couldn't figure out how to get there. But it's a little weird. It sounds unreprepared to me. Yeah, like you're you know why your role for an asked you to go to that the house. They she asked because she's uncomfortable. So the fact that you don't know what the address is, it's odd. It's weird off situation that she's in. So yeah, and, like I mentioned earlier, we don't know if Jason was there to just drop off paperwork and check in or if Lindsay had wanted him to be with her throughout the entire ordeal. But this isn't one of the things that I feel points towards Jason possibly being a guilty party. Like I said, I just think it's very odd. So when Jason drives past the house, he apparently sees the couple in the doorway seeming to step out but then they re enter the home and close the door. So he assumes this is the couple just now entering the home to start the viewing. So Jason will park on the opposite side of the street, facing away from the house. He still has a bit of a view of the house in his Rear Room Mirror, rear view mirror, but not much. And at five fifty five PM Jason will leave the Col de sac area and park on the side of the House and since there is a fence on the side of the house, he now has no view of the house whatsoever, just of the fence. Jason will text Lindsay after a couple of minutes, are you okay, and she never answers. And after sitting for about twenty minutes, Jason and Cohen approached the house to find the door locked and they can see lindsays shoes through the glass, which is not that odd from everything we've looked at. Apparently that was something retailers that are showing a house will do sometimes, so that wasn't immediately alarming, but finding the door locked and knowing Lindsay was not answering her phone for over twenty minutes at this point Jason did seem to go into a panic. There was a keypad that would allow Jason to enter the House with a code, so he called Shirley, his mom, to try and get the code of the house, but she was not able to retrieve it for him. So finally Jason Boosted Cohen up so he could enter the house over the gate and he entered through the back patio doors, which were both reported to be open. Unlock the front door and let Jason Inside, and upon being let inside, Jason Apparently Yelled Lindsay, Lindsay, and then ran directly up the stairs into the master bedroom, where he immediately found Lindsay's body. He tried to give her CPR, but to no avail. It was too late and Lindsay was dead. So I wasn't able to find exactly how many times Lindsay had been stabbed, but through my research, I from different sources have found that it was anywhere from ten to forty times and that there was possible breast mutilation involved. And I think that the amount of stab wounds is really important here, because even ten is a lot, but forty like that is so personal. Yeah, you hate some mom. The one source that I listened to before the during doing the research. The one source that I did listen to its forty like I said, I have no prior knowledge on this case except for the one person I was do so I cannot see myself or reliable, you know, researcher, but Um, that that is the information that I heard. Is a forty times and I find the reference that the Youtuber that we listen to made was like tap yourself on the legs forty times, like you can only imagine, like stabbing somebody for that sounds insane, like I didn't even think about it that way. Like do that, like tap yourself forty times purposefully, like dude, tap yourself forty times like a matt, like you're stabbing somebody. That's a that's horrific. It's so horrible at that point, like you stab somebody wants and you could kill them and it's you're saving somebody forty times there. That's that's insane, like they're dead after maybe the first three times and you just continue to go with it that somebody did that to somebody. It's insane. I listened to true crime garages episodes on this case and they do a very good job of presenting the information. So I would definitely recommend that they do mention at one point that they have a source who was able to look at the autopsy report that said it was closer to ten to fifteen times that she was stabbed. I'm definitely not saying that their information is inaccurate, but I obviously have not seen that off...

...tops autopsy report. I have no idea how accurate that information is, but again, from the sources that I've looked at it's anywhere from ten to forty. And the possible breast mutilation, I think is interesting because we again aren't sure if that happened, but Lindsay had recently had a breast enlargement, so I think that points all the more to a personal crime if there was breast mutilation, because who's going wow that? Inform me. Yeah, that's true too, like gonna know that. Inn listen to that obvious, but I couldn't. I wouldn't know, I really, I wouldn't know any of that. So there was no, no evidence of sexual assault and neither Lindsay's wallet nor her jewelry were touched or taken. So robbery and sexual assault were ruled out. Is the motives and it was a brand new house. There's nothing in there really to take. So it's it's clear that they were it was a purposeful murder. What's so? We mentioned eye witnesses earlier. They were able to get a sketch of the side of the woman's face that was seen entering the House with Lindsay and her supposed husband. Again, I will try to post that on Instagram for you all, but to be honest, it's a very generic sketch. I don't think that it would help much. It's hilarious. Yeah, that much to say it is. It's not the greatest. Okay. So, upon searching the house, tracker dogs were brought in and they could not pick up much of a sentence, which leads the police to believe that the perpect traitors exited the house and then quickly entered a vehicle that allowed them to make their escape. The fence that I previously mentioned, that Jason had parked by and that was behind the House, had three boards kicked out of it, and I'm not sure if that is assumed to have been kicked out by the murderers, but we do know that three friends boards were missing and it is believed that, after exiting the house, that is the way that they escape. So we're going to jump back in time a little bit here. So, moving back to November of two thousand and seven, which was the year before Lindsey would be murdered, a burner phone was placed and this burner phone was actually proved to be the one that the woman had used to call Lindsay. Only six phone calls were made from this phone, all of them to Lindsay. It was never used before her murder, never used after, or I was used for her murder, but only to call her. And the phone was registered to what police believed to be a bogus name, which was Paulo Rodriguez, and it was also registered to a bogus address, which was tracked down to just a random business in Vancouver, had nothing to do with the case, so police say, and shortly after Lindsay's murder. So remember, Lindsay was a little bit sketched out by the phone call because she believed that the woman might be faking an accent or that something about her voice was just off. So a fellow real estate agent named Jasmine Parsons would receive a call from a woman with a strange accent. This woman had a real estate proposition for her, but in the middle of the call she quickly changed her mind and jasmine never heard from her again. And this lady was ex girlfriend of current of Jason's Salem ZAC currant boyfriends. So yeah, Jasmine Parsons was his ex girlfriend, which Jason is starting to look a bit suspicious to me, just a bit. So the police would first set their sights on Lindsay's ex boyfriend, Matt. It was found that he had a solid alibi. He was with his new girlfriend and her family the day of Lindsay's murder and he also really had no motive. Like I said, him and Lindsay were on good terms. They still cared about each other. There was one person, though, that did offer up Matt as a suspect and point towards his guilt. None other than Shirley Zelo told the police that the day before Lindsay's murder she had taken a walk with Lindsay in which Lindsay told her that she was afraid of Matt, and this was disputed by all of Lindsay's friends and family. All of them said she still cared deeply for Matt and did not feel an ounce of fear towards him. So a couple days after the murder, Jason would run through a reenactment of what happened when the body was found. You can find that on Youtube if you want. It's super easy. After Matt was cleared, the police did point their investigation towards Jason. Jason would tell them that he and Lindsay had a great relationship and would likely have a future together. However, friends and family had a different story. Like we said, Lindsay had apparently been telling her friends and family that Jason was controlling and that she was seriously thinking about leaving him.

Also, Lindsay, on a trip into on a trip to Calgary to visit her father, apparently told him that she had seen something that she was not supposed to, but she did not yet feel comfortable telling him what that was. And also, on the same trip visiting her father, Lindsay reached out to an old friend named Ericson del Alcazar, who will become very important later on in this episode. So in December of two thousand and seven, which was a couple months before Lindsay was murdered, Lindsay and her best friend, Nicki, went out for the night and when they returned, they began to talk, and it eventually turned into a discussion about the trials and turmoils of her relationship with Jason. The two had this conversation, the whole time believing that Jason was asleep, but in fact he was not. Jason would apparently blow up and really freak out about the contents of their conversation, and this would eventually cause Nicki to run from the apartment, with Lindsay following after her, despite knowing what Lindsay was doing, Jason would call her thirty times and after he could not reach Lindsay, he called his mom, Shirley. We have no idea what he said to her during this phone call. Christmas came shortly after this incident and Jason reportedly bought Lindsay several extensive gifts and then escorted her off to a ski trip with his family. During this trip, it is said that Jason Warms back up to her, that Lindsay warms back up to her relationship with Jason and that the two seemed to be on better terms. However, now we're going back to after Lindsay's murder. Her friend, Nicki, would also receive a phone call from a woman with a strange accent. Nicki didn't realize what was going on at first and by the time she did, the woman had hung up. But after repeatedly, repeatedly calling the phone back, she would eventually get an answer from Shirley Zelo. And talk about damning evidence. In my opinion, that is that crazy. I find that very odd. I knew by the second fault coma. It just sounds like the the mom. It just sounds like the mom is doing these like because you fake an accent, you can not. That was me. Good. Yeah, people can fake an accent. And the friend did question the mom on why did you call me? Why do you have my number? And she gave kind of a bogus answer or like all, my secretary's name is nicky, like how garbage of like, you know, answer is that back, like what, like how did you get my number, though, and apparently Shirley had said that her son, Jason, might have put in Nicky Lindsay's friends contact into her phone and mistakenly have called the wrong number, the wrong Nikki. But I just find that very heartibly, because why would you have why would you have your son's girlfriend's best friends number in your phone and and named Nikki like that? Doesn't make any sense. It just that that and most sounds very odd. And also, why would you be calling your secretary and talking in a strange accent, like a fake act? Yeah, if that might would. It's the same number. How often are you calling the same number back in a different person's is picking up? It's not that does that's not possible. Really. Shirley denies the story completely. Say That again she must have gotten the number from Jason. But again, that's so weird I don't believe you. So the police have officially cleared Shirley, Jason and Ryan as suspects. The family is not considered to have been a part of this murder so far as the police are concerned. Again, we obviously don't have any information that the police do not have. We cannot confirm any of what we're saying is true. We just definitely have our suspicion exactly it's. As far as anything is concerned, this is all here say. Really, if we're being completely honest, it's all information taken from information. Pass from information here to this. Here's that, but there are certain facts that are just kind of undeniable when it comes to majority of true crime cases, just because media's entitled and the public is entitled to hear about things happening in their community. And you know, with the Internet, I'm saying these days is that they earn. It hasn't existed for like twenty seven years now, but the Internet's reach, I guess, because of this is a Canadian murdyr. But why? Why would anybody in America care about a Canadian murder? It's why is because of the lack of, I guess, representation that it might be getting, because this is unsolved. Apparent ten years,...

...which was in two thousand and eighteen. At this point is killed in two thousand and eight and twenty foot exactly any February. Second it's nearly we're like halfway through January two thousand and twenty. It's nearly been twelve years since this murder and it's still unsolved. There are no people of interest or suspects for this murder. As of the family being cleared. The police might have persons of interests or suspects that obviously they aren't releasing to the public. But as far as we know, and all the sources that I've looked through, there are no clearly named suspects as of right now. But we are now going to go into another major event that happened around the same time that may or may not have played into what happened to Lindsay BOOZIAC. So remember that name, Eric And del Alcazar that I mentioned earlier? Well, on January twenty two of two thousand and eight, so only ten days before Lindsay would get murdered, in an operation called high noon, him at his and his brothers drug trafficking ring would be busted. They would, in total, collect eighty kilos of cocaine. Twenty five were collected the first bust, forty two the second and on a time later that I couldn't find, thirteen additional kilos. So again, a D in total that I cannot even imagine the amount of money that would have lost them. That is insane. And of course they were. I'm sure him and all of his associates were beyond pissed, like yeah, because they knew it had become public knowledge at that point that an informant was involved in this bust. So I'm sure that the people involved were looking to find out who this informant was. It was reported that people that were involved in the drug ring were getting dragged out of their beds in the middle of the nights and interrogated by people that were higher up. There was a very intense search for this informant going on and only a few days later Lindsay would receive that call from that strange woman and two days after that she would find herself murdered. So we are now going to get a bit into Eric'son Del alcazars connections to Lindsay and some of his friends and associates connections to Lindsay, and this is about to get pretty insane. So Matt, who was Lindsay's ex boyfriend, him and his brother were known to have been friends with some people that were involved in drug activities. One of those people was Ericson del Alcazar and his four brothers, who all had long criminal backgrounds involving drugs and other violent crimes, and his brother's names were, I'm currently looking for his brother's names, on Jeff boosiacs, who murdered Lindsay, busy acts website, and this website is absolutely crazy, let me tell you. He has these people's head shots, their addresses. This guy does not care. I'm not telling him crazy. I think he's a very devoted father, but I cannot believe he's brave enough to put people's like. I mean, I sound a little morbid, but if you know, I get enough chances to do this podcast a little bit more, I'm a very morbid person. I just find this whole website hilarious. It sounds, it sounds almost like it doesn't sound like a joke. Of course not them all. Martyr is just not a joke. But the way this man presents an information is in such a joking manner, like the Um very media caption. Yes, captains of these photos are like this is bomb boy, like, like literally quote bomb boy, that's tad my dot, like, you know what I'm saying, like it's just sounds it sounds ridiculous. Okay, so these four brothers were Eric, Ericson del Alcazar, who we just mentioned. He was Matt's friends and the person that Lindsay had reached out to when she visited her father in Calgary, Emerson del Alcazar, eldricson Del Alcazar and Jefferson del Alcazar. And again I would not give that information out here, but if you're interested, their addresses are on this website. Yeah, this man has the full addresses of the people and some pictures of their house. It's truly crazy. I can't say I blame him, but it's truly crazy. So to other people that were involved, I don't believe that they were busted along with the deal Alcazar brothers, but that were involved in the same drugging as them. Are Vid as veto, which I wasn't able to find. How he knew Lindsay?...

I'm guessing it would be through matt or the Del Alcazar brothers, but apparently Lindsay was not very fond of him. And there was another man named Ziggy Mathson, who has his own page on Jeff UZIAC's website. The page is titled Public Enemy Number One, the LANKFORD lizard. His full name is Zachary Scott Mathson, but his nickname is ziggy. So ziggy would, separately from the high noon drug bust, be busted for cocaine and other narcotics at his house, of which you can also find the address to on this website. And what was interesting about this bust was that the person who owned the House that Ziggy was living in was, can you guys who? Shirley Zelo, and right after this bust occurred, Shirley would come forward and say that she nor none of her family members new ziggy. She had no idea what was going on in that house. However, pictures would soon surface of both Ryan and Jason with Ziggy. Not only were they longtime friends, they played on the same hockey team together, which means they saw each other all the time. On a Canadian thing to new what a Canadian connection. They're maybe not former but hockey fillow hockey players. What the word I'm looking for? Phil Hockey player. Very Canadian, as all I have to say. And again, the pictures of Jason, Ryan and Ziggy together are all on Loundsey BOOZIAC murdercom and finally, we have a woman named Michelle Lum, who was also involved in drug activity with both Vida Se Vito and the del Alcazar brothers. And not only was Ryan Zlo at Michelle Lum's sister's house at the time that Jason called him for directions, when Jason was on his way to desus the street where Lindsay would be murdered. But Lum is reported to have a fondness for a short blond wig and she lived only a block away from the murder site. And again, all the doll because our brothers Vida Sa Vito, ziggy Madison and Michelle Lum were all involved in trafficking drugs together and all had, whether they were arrested or just lost a lot of money, all had something to lose when that high noon drug bust occurred. And while it was proven and stated by the police that Lindsay was not in fact the drug inform it, with her reaching out to Eric Sandal Alcazar so soon before that bust happened, I can totally see how one would assume that she was, or even that it was falsely tipped off to this drug ring, that she was and some. Honestly, now I think we've given a lot of the inormation that we felt was important, so now we're going to get into our thoughts and theories. There was one more thing. Okay, yeah, presented this is just again theories and things like that, but their connections and whether or not they matter is really up to the people you know listening. But the VIIT Vid Guy, he had a phone paying every time. Oh yeah, that the the burner phone was pinging as of the night of her murder, of Lindy's murder, every time that same day and I think the day before, every time that there was something going on with the phone, it would trace back to vids phone, which is one of the drug movers. I guess, I don't want to say drug lord, he's probably he probably wasn't her, probably isn't, but Um, oh, he probably is and I have no proof, so please assume me, but I don't think he's a drug lord. I highly doubt it, just as far as like my knowledge of drug circles go, they're just movers. So which is why it's such a big deal that they lost so much of their product, because they're just moving the product. If you if you lose your product, you're in trouble with more than just, yeah, the police, you're in trouble with the people wanting it and the people who gave it to you. So it's a big deal. I'm not going to get into all that, but my point being when that burner phone was making calls, it was a lot of it was being traced back to this. It has to be the yeah, this man's phone, and that is information that has been put forward by Jeff BOOZIAC. So the police have never confirmed that. I don't believe they've ever denied it either, but only the father has come forward with that information. That is not official or on the record or anything. My thoughts on that feel wrong. I can't say whether or not yet this is a yes or..., but I just feel like his involvement with a phone doesn't sound right because at one point it traced all the way back to his own house, which again, this is a town that, like everybody kind of knows everybody, so it's definitely possible that they don't even care where gets trace back to. But I just feel like it sounds like a little much. The drug involvement, I feel as a big deal, though in this case I do feel like she was targeted by the ring that was going on in the town. My thoughts on it are drug movers, dealers, they take their job very seriously, so anybody kind of messing that up and interrupting the flow of things, they're just going to knock him off. And she's just so happy to be somebody in that in that interruption. But also the family, the real estate family that she was involved in mind, we just had a lot of property owned like by these drug people. Seems like. Yeah, I think that the connections between the Zelo family and this drugg ring are, I don't want to say undeniable, but too much not to mention and be suspicious of. Again, obviously I have no proof that any of these people were involved in this murder, but I do agree with the police that Lindsay was targeted by contract killers, that they were hired to commit this murder against her and that it was probably to make a statement that snitches get stitches. But I think that it is definitely not unlikely that maybe someone in the Zalo family possibly surely tipped these people off on to Lindsay, maybe knowing that she wasn't the informant, maybe thinking she was, my guests would be knowing she wasn't. But the only thing that is so weird to me about that is that the burner phone was purchased in November of the previous year, so that's a solid couple months before the murder. So at that point the drug bust was months away from happening. So why would someone purchase this burner phone that would only be used to murder Lindsay or to contact Lindsay before her murder November. All right, I feel like the mother was the one with the phone. Is My thing. I feel like the mother was the one with the phone. So to me I feel like she might have planned, not her murder per se, but making her feel like often in a sense, I feel like she got the phone and knew that she was going to get her involved in some kind of trouble at the very least, like and it turned into this. You know what I'm saying, like it's an off guess here really, but it seemed that she, I don't want to say didn't like her, but again, like in the source that we were listening to, she said I try to isolate her from her family and stuff, and I do agree with that. I feel like this lady was trying to take her away from her family and friends and things like that, and it didn't work out the way she wanted it to because she was a vocal lindsay was vocal about the fact that she didn't want to be away from home and they wound moving her back. They wanted up moving her back to Victoria how she said that the mother was controlling and so was the boyfriend. It's all in the nature of kind of that family, it sounds like. And this is just now. Okay, now, this isn't stranger really technically entering into our realm of things, and these people seemed to be highly regarded and their field of career. So to have some my this like naive, I guess, kind of walk into their life. They wanted to to really box her in and control that. We don't need some money so in experienced to come and mess up our empire, I guess. I just I feel that Shirley was giving so much money too and being so generous to Lindsay and Jason that like even the thought of Lindsay breaking her precious son's heart, because again, Shirley and Jason seemed very, very close. Just in a rage Shirley and she was not going to let like some random girl come in and spend all this money, a lot of her money, and then just leave her son high and dry. Quote. I think that she just could not handle her son's rejection and from the moment that she was alerted to the fact that Jason and Lindsay were having problems. She might have started to plot something and started turning the wheels... her mind and getting things going. And again, she had so many connections, so many different people connected to her. Why would she call Nikki using a strange accent again, even if she was calling her secretary? I know that's not true because she was using a fake access like. No, there's just too many things. And again the police have cleared this family. We can't prove any of this, obviously, but just there are no way that's a coincidence that the family is connected to that many people that are so that are involved in the high noon drug bust and so likely involved in Lindsay's murder. There's no way for me, I guess final thoughts. I guess I could say on it or that it was definitely drug related. There to me, there's no denying it. Like I said, I agree these people are all connected in a way and when it comes to in knowing that somebody kind of rat it out their operations, it becomes a big issue for the people involved in their their personal drug ring. They're gonna knock out people who they even might think twice, you know, might not even, I mean might not even think twice about. Oh, you know, we can't even we can't allow the slip the Ro our fingers. Were going to get rid of anybody who we think may even have rided us out. So she said, and I mean she did say, like there was something I saw that I was not supposed to see. She didn't tell her dad what it was. She was probably uncomfortable he's saying something like that. And I do believe she saw something drug related, the thing that she was not supposed to I do not think it had anything to do with the family she had been involved with, just the Zelos. I don't think they did anything illegal as far as career and things like that. When maybe housing drug drug movers, you know what I'm saying? Maybe maybe giving and taking a cut of that drug money. Yeah, like that would be I feel like that might be there their involvement with it, but otherwise I do not see them doing anything illegal. So I do not feel that the thing that she saw that she was not supposed to see was had anything to do with the zealos. I definitely think it had to do with drug related. But I think the mommy called her right. I do think that she called her, but then she has to be involved in the Rad I I'm sure she's involved in the murder, like I said, but in the sense of drug related activities, you know. Yeah, I said, I feel like the only involvement that this lady had with them was the fact that she was housing, housing, like at least that one guy. It might have like the other way because he was good friends with those that which is exactly what I'm saying. She might be getting money from that involvement. And when you you know, you do things to help any criminal there there's conversation evolved. For the most part, there's there might be a composition involved. So and because exactly her kids knew this guy, they're friends with him, whatever, whatever, she might be getting a decent cut of the money, or at least a small percentage of that money. So that to me, that's where I feel like maybe the connection has been made. And again like she didn't really like the girl, as far as I can see, you know what I'm saying, as far as I can see, meaning she was controlling of her, because who knows what prior relationships with this guy and her sons and her involvement with the women that her sons were involved with war like it might have been just this girl might have just been lindsay that she had treated this way. So who really knows? You know, the nature of everything involved is very vague. Yeah, so I think my final thoughts. I definitely think she was targeted by let someone hired hit man to take her out, and that it probably did have something to do with that high noon drug bust. We know she wasn't the informant, but I definitely think that someone close to her, possibly in the Zelo family surely, might have falsely accused her of being the informant or tipped people off to the false notion that she was. It's a horribly tragic case. I so hope that it gets solved sooner rather than later. I'll make sure to list my sources wherever I can, and please feel free to tweet me or message man Instagram, both at lock the door pod, with your thoughts, anything you think I missed, or any case sessions or anything like that. Thank you so so much for listening and I will talk to you next time at did you lock the door podcast by.

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