Did You Lock The Door?
Did You Lock The Door?

Episode 7 · 1 year ago

The Senseless Crimes of Philip Chism


Hi Welcome back to did you lock thedoor, the PODCAST, I'm your host, Peyton Reece, and today with me, I havemy best friend since literally diapers, whose name is also Payton Hello. I brought her on for a case that issolved, but it's so brutal and senseless that it's one that really hasstuck for me for years and I think it's a story worth getting out there worthtelling worth spreading awareness about because it just again it's so senselessand the victim and her family just really deserve to have their story told.So today we are going to be talking about the brutal murder of Callin Ritzer,we'll go ahead and get right into colleen. She was born on May Thirteen F,one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, which makes her a Taris. I thinkthe third or fourth tarrist I've talked about on the show. So that's a commontheme for sure she was born and raised in LaurenceMassachusetts by her parents, Peggy and Thomas Ritzer, and she had two siblingsnamed Laura and Daniel. By the time she was three years old. Itwas clear that colleen had both a knack and a passion for helping others, herpreschool teacher, whom she would remain close with for the rest of herlife, recognized and helped to nurture thesecharacteristics within calling she showed interest in teachingthroughout her entire career. As a student. However, it was during hersenior year at Assumption College when Kalline decided that this is what shewanted to do with her life and after she chose teaching as a career path.She was required to work with high school students while pursuing herdegree, and it was through this work that she discovered she was incrediblyeffective. As a math teacher, she could explain mind boggling concepts andformulas and ways that were easy for students to understand, and I took APColk in high school, so I definitely understand the importance of a goodmath teacher. If I hadn't had the most receptive, ampathetic, wonderful,caring, math teacher in that class, there's no way, I would have done wellat all, let alone pass the AP exam. So I still appreciate people and teacherslike Calli and theyare, so important and so much more helpful than theyrealized so by two thousand and eleven collenwould graduate from Assumption College having earned a bachelor's degree inmathematics with a minor in psychology. She graduated magnacumlade, its veryimpressive and after that she finally became ateacher and Collin would make it a goal of hers to help each and every one ofher students feel passionate ampowered and to realize their fullo potential,something that she often reminded both herself and though she taught was quoteevery day, might not be good, but there is something good in every day andquote: That's so emotional, I'm sad hearing what happened to her. That's sosad, a like knowing that was like one of her quotes that she would say allthe time like there's something good in every day. Is there? Is There Tho Caus? Oh, I know it's so sad heartbreaking. So at the time of the incidents, colleenwas teaching math at Danvers High School in Danvers Massachusetts, whichis about twenty miles north of Boston,...

...and she actually has a twitter account.That is still active. You can look at it to this day and just before s, her last tweet wentout one day before her life would be taken from her, and it was a reviewpacket meant for her geometry class, which I believe the culprit here was apart of. So even her last tweet was something that could help him all thatshe did was for her students, and this just monster of a man decided to take something as preciousas her life from her. I again, this tweet, just the sweet thisis justtaffles me, it's so senseless and so brutal, and it's just so a man, but a fourteen year old boyat the time named Philip Chishalm is the second major player. In our casetoday he was born January, twenty first F, one thousand nine hundred and ninetynine, making him an aquariust and also making him younger than both Paitn andI, which is crazy, yeah crazy. He was fourteen when he killed her right MM JSS. So now he's like twenty, I think, just yeah. He turnedtwenty one in January yeah he just turned twenty one. Yeah, just wait tillyou hear about this man. He's Goinna, give you full body chillsto reference crime junkie. I promise so. He was born to parents, Dian and StacyChism, and the two had had a rocky marriage from the Getgo Dian filed fordivorce from Stacy in two thousand and one just three years after theirmarriage weekend and two years after Philip was born. Her reasoning for thiswas that stacy abused her physically and emotionally, when under theinfluence of alcohol, which reportedly was almost every day, Philip has been described by everyonethat knew him as a very quiet. Yet polite and well behaved child. He hadalways loved soccer and he excelled at the sport. He was even on the dambershigh school soccer team. He had recently moved from Tennessee toMassachusetts and reportedly he was kind of upset about this move, becausehis father would be staying behind. His parents were officially separating thistime, so he was moving with his mother to Tennessee, and this time apparently Diane made thedecision to leave his father stacy, due to stacy being unfaithful to her. A friend of the CHISEM family, namedClaudia Radrigez, with whom Diane and the kids have been staying prior totheir move to Massachusetts, say that that Philip was always incrediblyrespectful of adults and he could often be heard playing video games until likethree or four in the morning, which for a young boy is definitely prettylate. Although this was often brushed off as just a means to distract himselffrom the difficulties he was facing, he loved his father a lot. He reallydidn't want to be leaving him. So I'm sure his mom and family friends could let that one go and just say we can.Let him play video games if it means he's feeling better. Philip would often play chests with thefamily friend Rodrigez's, husband and reportedly Philip, never lost, not evenonce, which I don't want to disparage anyonethat plays chess. But I think that shows how calculating he is andhonestly kind of croups me out a little, because I know chess is hard. Justnever lost a game n like Imore. Seen like that's. That just shows like howlike conniving and like smart, he is and how like accompanied witheverything else. He did that's just very spooky. That's just like sprinkles,like Yeahto of like the Jerry on top.

He was so smart. He never and likechest is so strategic. So it's like you watch every single move that you makeand he did it so well. He never lost it. Yeat, no sorry never lost once the mother of Philip's best friend,whose name was tanner and er, the mother's name was Brana Carter, but hisbest friend's name was tanner had apparently noticed some troublingbehavior in Philip right before the incident. She stated that he could beextremely hateful and rude towards his mother to the point where she actuallyfound herself telling Philip that he would no longer be able to spend timewith tanner if he did not learn to respect his MOK, which is so scary. HisLom totally could have been on the receiving end of everything that he'sabout to do this kid bcause like if his CI In't, likemention Tennessee like what, if eventually his mom mentioned, Tennesseeyea like what a e he like snapped and like killed his mom yeah. That was abit of insight onto what he eventually claims. His motive is but yeah. I thinkthis boy could have just snapd on anyone and I'm I'm a huge supporter ofmental health services and people getting help. So I'm not trying todisparage anyone at all. But he really just strikes me as like aMichael Myers like he seems like he has evil inside of him that he just neededto get out and like no mercy like he was like, Oh yeah, whatever so the morning of October. Twentysecond of two thousand and Thirteen Philip, would pack a box cutter, aHoodie, a ski mask and gloves into his backpack, ready to carry out a horrificplan that he had been concocting in his mind for an amount of time that only heknows at two N, fifty four PM again of October. Twenty second high school math,feacher Callin Ritzer, can be seen on video, leaving her classroom andwalking towards a woman's rest room. She is actually talking to her favoritefellow teacher, and the two of them can be seen on surveillance, video andmatching outfits. It was actually twin day at the school. It was spirit weekwhich I know I loved so much during high school. So that's just, I think,an extra bit of a sad fact, her last words to anyone that weren't, Philip ortwo her best friend at least to the school at two fifty five pm just one minuteafter Ritzer exits, the classroom, Philip, can be seen wearing a hoodieand gloves entering the same second floor bathroom as Ritzer at three o six pm a female studententers and then almost immediately exits. The bathroom she states that shesaw what she believes to be two students having sex leading to herimmediate exit. It was later speculated by lawyers that she actually saw a morebloody scene than she wanted to admit, but her brain might have block that outjust to save her kind of the trauma from realizing what she had actuallyseen. But again, that's only speculation by lawyers. That isdefinitely not a certainty at three o seven pm Chisham ex bathroom with ahood over his head, and there is surveillance, video online. That really shows the entire timeline ofPhilip chism's actions. The second he follows calling into the bathroom.There is not surveillance, footage of the crime. I think, fortunately,because that does not deserve to be witnessed by anyone. I don't believe,but he exits the bathroom like two secondsafter the girl. It's almost scary like this man, he seems to besuperhuman or something to me he's just...

...all of his movements and actions andchoices are so terrifying. He truly is a Michael Myers, so at three fourteen PM, Philip, isseen on camera, pulling a green recycling bin towards the bathroom andtwo minutes later at three. Sixteen he enters the bathroom with Said Ben andat three twenty two pm he will exit the bathroom pulling the recycling then andnow noticeably struggling with how heavy it is from three twenty three to three thirty:two PM Chis, the mascene exiting the school and dragging thei recycling bintoward a wooded area behind dumpsters that sit behind the school he's stillwearing a ski mask somewhere between this time. At around thre thirty, themother of a Danvers High School student sees chism running away from the highschool I assumed he would have been carrying the recycling Ben with him atthis time. Four PM chism now barefoot reenters theschool building Anna four O of five, he reenters the bathroom just a minute later. He leaves thebathroom and exits the school and again payt, and I watchd thisfootage right before sitting down to record this episode and just seeing himwalk past. So many people and talk to so many people that have no idea whatthis fourteen year old boy just did is absolutely spine. Singling it's likethe scariest, like you, see him walk by like just people in the hallway andlike they talk to him and he lik talks back to them and other like colleaguesof Calling K walk by him, and then you see him walk outside and after it goesto the woods he comes back. You just see him talking to like other guysoutside of the school and they are they're like all smiling and nothinglike ever happened like they're, literally just talking to a kid thatliterally just murdered a teacher. I have no idea and T in one frame. Patonacturally pointed this outh to me. Oh my God. I know wh you're going no sayI'm now, rer GOINTA itycause see blood on his had like his hands are like firetruck red yeah like he goes in the bathroom and then like he's likewalking around. I guess to go, go back and get his stuff and like gofind the Bin, but you see him walking around in his hands ar fire truck red.He was walking around by like teachers and people, and none of them even cared to be like Yo.Are Your hands bright red? Did you dip them in paint Mike Yeah? No in personthat looks a lot more like lood yeah? It was insane and one of the custodioguys that worked for the school who didn't speak. Like a lot of England,she talked to like a school official and was like Yo there's blood and allhe could get out with blood and they're like Oh, clean it up, and he literallycleaned up the OL entire crime scene. Yes, so custodian, like Peyton justsaid he did a language barrier, couldn't tell the school officials howbrutal the scene actually looked. So the crime scene was actually cleanedbefore anyone even realized that collen was missing or anything. I believethere were like two to three droplets of blood left and an earring ofcollings that they could find, but other than that the crime scene wastotally destroyed and, like that's insane because, like he tried to tellsomeone and like the officials were just like- oh just clean it up because,like like his English, wasn't that good? So I mean like they got out blood andlike if you're, like, oh Bloodan, just like clean it up but like they didn'trealize like how severe it was because he couldn't get that across to themyeah when he testified at trial. He said it s. It lookes, like a blood bathlike something out of the Sam movies. It was. I can't even imagine that had to be soterrifying for him to walk in on to... at four thirty pm again remember hewas seen exiting the school at four o five chism goes to the Hollywood, hitsmovie theater and watches a Woody Allan Movie. We don't like Woody Allen in this house, but a film named Blue Jasmine and at six thirty four pm about twohours after that movie had started his mother. Diana would call Danver'spleace to report him missing at nine PM. The Danvers high schoolprincipal named Sue ambresavovitch sends a mass email to all of the schoolfaculty and staff, informing them that Philip Chism was missing around the same time. That principalgets a call from another math teacher who says that calling Ritzer is alsomissing, so we're going to skip ahead to the next day here October. Twentythird, at twelve thirty in the morning. Sojust minutes after the day had started. CHISM is picked up by police inTopsfield, a neighboring town who recognized him as the missing childsought by Danver's police, a pat down was performed when he was located andboth a knife and a box cutter covered in blood were found. When the COP askedChishom, whose blood he was covered in, he stated quote. The girls like they just were like, Oh, whoseblood is that the girls, like no shame, did not try to hide it. At all was justlike yeah, it's hers and I that a media confession knows orshows that he knows what he was doing was wrong. He is just evil in the earlymorning, hours of October, twenty third, I can't getexactly what time or I couldn't find that online. But I know it's betweenTwele thirty am and three am the principal and police search the schooland discover that colling richer's car is still in the parking lot, but all ofher personal belongings are missing from her classroom around three in the morning, richerd'sbody will be found in the woods near the school. It was clear that she had beenpositioned. She was faced up and there was a tree branch that had been used tosexually assault. Her still in side of her, her throat was slit and an autopsywould later reveal that she had been stabbed in additional sixteen times andactually her throat had been slit twice because the first time that Philiptried he felt he was not successful. So he did it a second time just to be sure. On top of all of this, a crumpled upnote, saying quote: I hate you. All andquote was found near the scene,along with the BIN that richer's body had been transported in, as well as thebloodstain gloves that hism had been wearing during the crime, although hewas only fourteen years old chism be tried as an adult underMassachusetts law, which I was a bit conflicted on how to feelabout this, but I think with Thi Severity, this crime included sexualassault and obvious attempts to hide what he did another sexual assault oncehe got the body into the woods, and so many staboons again. I think this man, boy man now of Whit the time isjust evil and really deserves to be tried at the absolute extent of the lawthat Massachusetts has Philip's attorneys argue that he musthave been suffering from some sort of extreme mental illness or at least hadbn at the time in order to carry out such a horrible crime. At only the ageof fourteen howher prosecutors would...

...argue that his actions, leading up tothe murder revealed that chism not only knew what he was doing but had plannedit out well in advance. IFYOU'll. Remember he packed a kill kit themorning before school and he waited in Rizher's classroom after school untilshe headed to the bathroom, where he knew she would be alone and vulnerableand he began his attack. Whill Philip, was in custody in a psychiatrichospital. During his trial he would actually attack one of the young femalestaff members that was working in his area. He watched as she entered a restroom, which seems to be his Mo. I guess and when he was confident that otherstaffers in the area were distracted, he kicked off his shoes, so is not tomake a sound and he crab walked to the bathroom so that he would not be seen once in the RESTUROAN. With her, hebegan shoking her so tightly that she was not even able to scream and she was finally only able to make asound when she knocked one of his hands away and he began punching herrepeatedly in the face. Luckily, the sound that she had madewas loud enough to alert fellow staffers in time for them to rush inAntosame, Philip and save her life, and again, Philip would claim that thereason he attacked colleen was because she mentioned the state Tennessee,which is if you'll remember where he had moved from and where his father hadstayed when his mother left him, but but like he, packd o Git the day of yeah, literally he packed a Kilkkit andhe also killed R. He didn't kill. He tried to kill this woman and e Saainever made any mention of Tennessee so, like he scares me so much dude, that'sinsane like it's just because it's like oh she mentioned like Tennessee thatWyi Kelt her, but like he packed a kilkit before she even mentionedTennessee. So it's and almost killed a staff member. While he was getting helpthe same way that he never even talked to what is the truth? What is the truthin February of two thousand and sixteen a little less than three years aftercommitting the murder, Philip Chisen would be sentenced to twenty five yearsfor Collins murder and at least forty years for her rape and the robbery ofthe possessions he took off of her body. The sentences are to be servedconcurrently, meaning that he is serving them at the same time since Philip was fourteen years old atthe time of the crime he'll be fifty four years old before he is eligiblefor parole, which I must say, I hope he never gets, and I also think that in the American justice system,where rapists are so often just kind of slapped on the wrist, it's interestingthat he got twenty five years for killing her andforty years for raping her. I mean it's really good that he got all that timebut like what he got last for killing, he got lessfor killing her. When people have gotten like life for having marijuana, Litli lihly and again, he should have gotten thosesentences. He should I mean he should have gotten longer for killing her, butit's just N. I was interesting that as a youngblack boy, he got so much time for rape when Brock Turner got two months. It's interesting we'll say he deserved it, but it'sinteresting! Well, brock was also a white teenager. Yes, well, no. He waslike in college so like that, but that just shows how he literally white, richboy. Two months I hate our freaking system, so much makes no sense, nosense a. If we're going to give this...

...rapist forty years. We should give allrapists forty years, but that's just me, that's t, so Collian's family out of the kindnessof their hearts has set up the calling ritzers scholarship fund, which offersscholarships to graduating high school students and the Danvers and AndoverMassachusetts area that show an interest and a passion for education.Just like collene had at that age, you can visit www, dot, callen ritzerscholarshipcom, to learn more about colleen, her family, the scholarshipand there's also a donation link. Should you feel moved to give to thismore than worthy cause. As always, I will link our sources inthe show notes. I want to think my literal best friend of all time forjoining me on this episode again. This is a case that is fascinated me forabout four years now, I'm so excited to be able to have toldcallings story. I hope I did her and her family proud. I want to send all ofmy love and prayers to them and, as always, make sure that you lockyour doors.

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