Did You Lock The Door?
Did You Lock The Door?

Episode 11 · 1 year ago

Update - Gannon Stauch


Hi and welcome to did you lock the door,the PODCAST, I'm your host Peyton Reece in this little Minnesota jus going tobe a couple of minutes. I just wanted to drop in and give you guys a quicklittle update if you hadn't heard yet on the very sad case that I covered acouple weeks back on the missing boy, Ganon Stouk. It appears that his body has been found.Sadly, in my home state of Florida in the panhandle near Pensacola in a towncalled pace, he was found last week on March twentieth and so far whath. TheNews has been saying is that his body...

...has been tentatively identified and I've been kind of waiting torelease this update until they confirmed that it was in fact Gannon.But it's been a little bit and they haven't done that so far, but I amalmost positive. We can trust the professionals that very sadly, they didnot find Gannen alive from what I've gathered. This haslargely been on forums. They haven't seen this on any major news outlets, sothis might just be speculation, but I saw that his body was stuffed into asuitcase and found under a bridge almost like it had been thrown off thebridge out of a car which, if so, is so just heartless on the part of hisstepmom, who we know committed this crime and is just so heartbreaking. I have no idea how Latisia, who was the stepmom would havegotten Gannon to Florida from Colorado... the couple hours that she was gonefrom the house before coming back without cannon, but somehow she wasable to it kind of makes me think that maybeshe had help that someone else that she delivered the body and someone else transferred it to Florida either way. Ihope that the truth in this case comes out soon, so that we know what happenedo again and why the silver lining right now is that hisfamily is able to bring him home, and we know who did this. We know thatjustice is going to be served in this case. Sorry, this episode is so short. I justwanted to make sure all of you got that little update on Gannon, I'm so happyhe's home with his family, I'm so sorry for them that he isn't homelike. Theywanted. Thank you so much for tuning in staysafe and make sure you lack your doors, bye.

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