Did You Lock The Door?
Did You Lock The Door?

Episode 14 · 2 years ago

What Happened to D'wan Sims?


Hi and welcome back to did you lock the door? The podcast? I'm your host, Peyton Reese, and I have the most special guest with me today, someone I've wanted on my podcast for a while. I know I've introduced a couple of my guests now is my best friends, but truly my best friend my mom. Well, are you excited? Okay, so first I just want to take a second to plug a movie. We just finished watching the invisible man. I've seen it three times now. I love it so, so much. My non horror movie mom seemed to enjoy it too. Did you like it, mom? I did. I liked it a lot. Especially appreciate that you told me when you close my eyes. Liked it. Great Suspense, such a getting done. Yes, so, if you haven't seen the invisible man, that was one of the first movies that was in theaters to get released to video. On demands now that we're all stuck at home. So I just wanted to recommend that so highly, really quickly. I have been obsessed with that movie since it came out. I was lucky enough to see it in theaters, but please watch it at home if you can. Yes, it would be a great one. In theaters, the quietness of a movie theater that look really intense of that and, since FY yeah, the thrill of it. Anyway, I don't want to put this off any longer. We'll get into the case. Today we're going to be discussing the disappearance of a little boy named Duan Sims. Duan Christian Sims was born October twenty nine of one thousand nine hundred and ninety to his mom, Dwanna Harris, and his dad, Zachary Sims, and the two weren't together. I couldn't find if they had been married and had gotten a divorce or they hadn't been married when they had Duan, but Duanna did have primary custody of him. She had a boyfriend at the time that was not Zachary. Zachary was still involved in Duan's life, just less so than Duanna was, and Duan, like I said, lived with his mom, Dwanna, and her boyfriend at the time in Livonia, Michigan. Duan was described as a lively young boy that loved watching TV, his favorite show being the mighty morphin power rangers. We're going to jump ahead a little bit here. In December of one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, Duan would be about three feet tall and way about fifty pounds, and I'll post a picture of him in my instagram. He had the cutest little smile. I love looking at pictures and gays. He looks like you mean. Just his laugh and smill would be so infectious. MM. He looks like the half be a sweetest little boy. So on the afternoon of December Eleven, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, Djuanna and Juan would leave for some Christmas shopping at their local wonderland mall at around thirty in the afternoon, and Juanna estimates their arrival at between one hundred and forty and two PM. The two would first head into its target that was located on an offset of the mall and look at VHS tapes, and Juanna said that little Juan really, really wanted to buy one, but she told him that they couldn't today as they had other presents to buy and the line was too long. The two then would walk through a corridor between the target and the main area in the mall, and she said this was at around thirty. Duan was walking behind his mom but he was talking to her the whole time, so she knew that he was still there. When all of a sudden she asked him a question that was met with silence, and that worries me right there he was held again for... the time. It just amazes me the number of times you see children walking behind the parent and today's world anything that children should always be in the front, always. Oh my goodness, I know, with him so young, you would think that she was holding his hand or something, but absolutely I guess she thought hearing him talk, she knew he was there, so she probably don't think she had anything to worry about. But, like I said, she asked him a question and didn't get an answer, so she turned around and suddenly her little boy was nowhere to be found. The two were, at the time, right in front of the KB toy store, so d wanna figure that he had just ran in to look at some toys? She walked up and down the aisles to try to find him and after searching for about half an hour, she would call her mom, beverly, who was Juan's biological grandmother, to let her know that she couldn't find him. Dwanna then flag down a cleaning lady to alert her to the fact that she couldn't find her son. The cleaning lady then called Mall Security for her and at the same time, beverly, who is the grandma, got into her car and headed to the Wonderland Mall. Seems odd that she called someone other than the police as her first call a little bit, but I mean she did alert someone who would alert mall security, so I'm sure she's trying not to freak out of this time. You know, Zachary Simms, who again was Duan's father, was also alerted as to what was happening and he immediately came to the mall as well. Mall Security would get right on it and send personnel out to search both the mall and the parking lot, and they also alerted the Livonia police department to let them know that a little boy had gone missing. The police would dispatch an officer and five sergeants to help in the search, and each officer would be given a different section of the mall parking lots to explore. Thankfully, the mall security cameras were on and fully functional at the time. I know it can get so frustrating in cases sometimes where the security cameras just weren't working, but in this case they were, so testing whiteness is exactly two weeks before Christmas. Target is pat M two weeks before Christmas and every mal is and even with a cameras on. HMM, I know. Anyway. So Mall Security would get Dawuana and as far as I can tell, it was Duana. A mall security officer and a police officer viewed the security footage together to see if they could find her and Duan on it and see where he might have gone. In an interview with True Crime Garage that I listened to and some of my research for this episode, a Mall Security Officer was there that day and he helped search for Duan. Or sorry, the true crime garage guys interviewed am all security officer that was there that day and helped in the search and he stated that he interacted with Juana and she was fully acting like a mother that was genuinely worried about her son, stating that she seemed to be providing detailed descriptions about what they had done, where he might have gone and she was very, very distressed that day. Duan was described as wearing a blue hooded three quarter length winter jacket over a yellow and green windbreaker, dark blue sweatpants and low top feel a sneakers. Duanna would quickly point out a mother and son. That seems to fit the description of her and Duan. The mother and son entered the store target at one hundred and forty four PM, which matched want a story. However, one of the most security officers would quickly notice that the woman on the tape was wearing a brown jacket and a baseball cap. He then looked over at Juanna and was suddenly hit with the realization that she was wearing a black jacket and had no baseball cap in site. No Way,...

...oh my gosh, no way, oh my gosh. When investigators pointed out that the jacket the woman was marrying was not the same color as Duana's, she fell silent. Oh my gosh, Doina this is guy? Well, I mean right there, oh my gosh, and I'm wondering she hasn't called the boyfriend yet? No, she hasn't. We actually don't hear much about the boyfriend. He's not really mentioned in any articles or anything really. I would think if she was involved with someone else that would be one of her first calls to, sadly before the father. MMM, you know, but that she would want him, they're helping, to or to know what was going on. So she might have called him. But again that's not mentioned in any articles or podcasts or youtube videos or anything. Not really sure about him. But after a few minutes she reaffirmed that the woman on the videotape was her. The officers once again pointed out the discrepancies, to which Duanna once again fell silent for a few minutes before stating, oh well, I guess that's not me what. The group then watch the security footage, starting from an hour before Duanna claimed that she and her son had arrived at them all, and at no time did officers see a boy matching Duan's description on the video tape. They saw plenty of mothers and sons that could have been about the same age, but no one in the clothes that Dwan was described as wearing and no one that matched. Yeah, I mean there was just no one. No woman in a black jacket and a little boy in a blue overcoat at all. Oh my goodness. Okay, HMM. And so you don't see them on the video tape at all. You you see her, but we'll get into that a little later. But you see her without Duan, in different clothes, without well, in the clothes that she's wearing. But, like I said, she pointed to a woman in a brown jacket that was with a little boy that she, I guess, assumed she could trick the police into thinking was her. But I know interesting duanna would agree to head to the police station where she would provide a statement and then head home, and in that statement she would essentially say the same thing. They arrived between one hundred and forty and two PM and she lost him right in front of the toy store. A few days later duanna would return to the police station to take a polygraph, which she would fail. Oh and a couple days after that she would take a second one and, upon realizing that she failed again, reportedly she ripped the paper out of the polygraph machine and left the station. Well, polygraphs, while a failed polygraph definitely does not mean guilty, I would say that reaction of ripping out the papers is not looking great for her. Yeah all, especially in the eyes of the police. MMM. But still, she's not asked for an attorney or anything? No, not that I could find. Okay, Duana would make statements to the press and the following days implying that Duan being a black child had an impact on the investigation, stating, quote, this little black kid is lost in an all white city. Livonia just wants this thing to go away. I googled the demographics for Livonia and I wasn't able to find the ones for one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, but I did look at data for the city today, and today it is eighty four percent white and four percent African Americans. So I would imagine that it was even less ethnically diverse at the time. So she's probably not in correct in the statement that it isn't all white city. I also found, though, both through newspaper articles...

...and again in the interview that the Mall Security Officer did with true crime garage, that the police did seem to take this case seriously from the very beginning. The security officer stated that he witnessed firsthand how hard police officers were working the case, and in a one thousand nine hundred and ninety five newspaper article, then police Sergeant Ken Marlowe revealed that he kept a photo of Duan on his desk. He was quoted as saying I look at this kid's picture every day. I'm not going to forget him and I don't want anybody else to forget him. That child did nothing wrong in this whole world. Sadly, Sergeant Marlowe has since passed away. Investigators would receive over eight hundred tips within twelve days following Duan's disappearance. One tip even led the investigators to Florida to search for the boy. None of these tips led investigators to Duan, though, or even to any clues that would lead them in the direction of what had happened. When talking to witnesses, several people who had been at the mall that day would report seeing Duana, although all of them said that they saw her alone, not in the company of a child at any time, which would be a good reason for her to say he was walking behind her. True, so that they would never be seen together. True, but hopefully he wouldn't have been walking that far behind her that it didn't look like they were together. That's a recipe for trouble. But now I definitely see what you're saying. My heart is just branking. Are Any thinking of any mom who in any child who gets separated it? Oh, two witnesses would actually report that they saw duanna arrive at the mall at Thirty PM alone, implying that Duan was never even at the Wonderland Mall that day. This doesn't quite fit into the known timeline, as duanna alerted mall employees a little after three PM, so thirty would have been a bit late. However, we do know that witness testimony is not always accurate, so they might have seen her arriving closer to three PM, or they could have seen a woman that wasn't even her. The Livonia Police Department has stated, though, that they do not believe that Duan ever entered the Wonderland Mall on December eleven one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. First of all, when reviewing the video footage, they don't see him at all. You see Duana, but you never see Duan. And in a newspaper article from two thousand and nine, Livonia detective sergeant by the name of Shelley Holloway stated we're confident that he never made it to Wonderland Mall and, in reference to video footage of Duana. He said you see her walking around, not reacting or concerns that her son is missing, and yet there's not enough evidence of any kind for them to arrest her. It just doesn't make sense. In one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, Duanna gave an interview saying that she was absolutely devastated over her son's disappearance. She said that she'd been receiving therapy to help her cope. And in the same article I quoted earlier from Sergeant Marlow, Beverly Arris, who was Duana's mother, is quoted as saying she doesn't smile anymore. She functions, but there's no spirit in her. In one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, investigators received a tip that a bag of bones had been found in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. However, DNA testing would prove that the bones did not belong to little Duan. In late two thousand and three remains of a yet unidentified child we're tested against Duan's DNA. However, they would yet again prove not to be related to this case. A couple of years later, DUANNA would move out of the area quickly marry someone new and have children with this man quickly marry. I mean that's that's what I said. I don't know. I don't know how quickly, but she changed her last name to either Jackson or wiggins. I've seen it reported both ways. I see Jackson Moore, so I'm leaning towards that one, but I have seen both reportedly and I don't know how near someone else again, true should too. I have seen it reported. I don't know how they would know this, so I don't know how accurate it is. Take it with a grain of salt,...

...but I have seen it reported that her new children know little to nothing of Duan, and Duana almost never speaks on this aspect of her life anymore. She has said, however, that she keeps a photo of Duan in her car and that she looks at it every day. How would you handle that, do you think? Let's say she's not guilty, you know, and she is in this new family. How often do you talk about the one you love so much that you can't that you agree for it? She can't ever agree for because you don't know what happened. You know you at some point someone you know, somebody gonness say you've got to stop talking about him or her, and it's like no, I don't, I want to remember him her. Now she's guilty, that's a different story, but I can't see you guys a parent. I'm sure you can shed more light on that, but I know in listening to the true crime garage interview, the Security Officer stated that he has kids now and he can't even imagine moving away from the place. He definitely can't imagine not discussing his child that went missing, not trying to actively find his child no matter the cost. Yeah, maybe you're right. You think I want to stay here so he knows, you know, if he's still here, somehow he can find me. HMM, I know. I've heard, for example, in the Brandon Swanson case, he was a college age student who went missing. His parents still to this day leave the porch light on every night so that he knows he's welcome home should he come back. Even I'm going back to thing about her in her marriage, if he, if she goes by two different names. Potentially, if you're thinking your son, you don't know what happened to your son, why would you even allow your name to change? And as he will never find you then ever interesting. That sounds like someone who doesn't want other people to find her. MMM Yeah, she, in my opinion, didn't handle that in the best way, and I know neither of US know what it would be like to be in the situation, thankfully. But the security officer said that he's located Duana's social media and obviously we have no proof of this, but he comes off as pretty trustworthy to me and he says that there's literally no trace of Duan on her social media anywhere, no mention at all. A lot of stuff about her new kids, but nothing about due. In late two thousand and nineteen, which would be twenty five years after Duan sins disappeared, a man that I believe is named might cash. I only found that in one article. There are plenty of articles on this man, but only one of them mentions his name, so I'm pretty sure it's might cash, came forward stating that he believed he might be the missing due please confirmed that they met with him and they took a DNA swab. They did say that it could take up to three months before they had the results. And Police Captain Ronald Tag tag tag, it's Taig so if you want to say that stated we're just waiting for the results. We had so many people put a ton of time into this work hard on it. You have a major case like this, you want to get it solved. It would mean everything to me, it would mean everything to our organization and it's just one of those big things you'd like to have closure in. It's tragic. Tig also interestingly remarked that Duanna does still keep in touch with the police department when they reach out to her, and that she seems to be very cooperative. Now say why that cash thought that he would be duet. I found... one article that it said he didn't know who his birth parents were, but that's all that it said. So not really, but I'm sure. I mean, that's enough of next nation. Duanna actually did come forward to speak on this man that thinks he might be her son. She kind of expressed her doubts that he was in fact Duan. She said, I have no clue whatsoever. You would like to be hopeful, and that's all she wrote. It's all she said. Well, I've not been able to find any articles confirming whether or not the DNA results have come back, and trust me. I looked. I would assume that, since the detective stated it would take about three months that they've gotten the results back and it's probably not Duan, I would assume they would have released that it was him by now. So I guess we'll get into some theories. I mean there aren't that many in this case and I think it's pretty obvious that they're all going to revolve around one person. Yes, absolutely, or a boyfriend? HMM, never brought into it. I know it's very sketchy to me that we never hear anything about the boyfriends, because that's you would always look at that element of familial you know, relatives and people around him. So HMM, interesting, since it has been all that confirmed that Duan never entered them all that day. Like I just said, the only theory is in this case do revolve around Duanna. I do want to point out really quick though, that as far as we know, investigators have no evidence that dwanna brought any physical harm to her son and that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So I'm simply stating theories. I'm not accusing Dwana of any foul play, regardless of what I may personally think. Yeah, I just as did they ever search for car, you know, or search the home for blood or anything like that before they just passed her by and did not pursue anything. I'm just flabergasted. Yeah, there's actually not a lot of information out there on what the investigation has been exactly. They did report just that they did extensive searches, so I would assume that they did. I would hope that they did. You would think that they seem like a very competent police force. You would think they wouldn't just not search the home or search any pieces of property that Duana might have owned. But I can't confirm that for sure, but hopefully they did so. The first theory is that Duanna either sold or gave her son to another family to raise. This is what locals in Livonia seemed to think happened. It's the local rumor going around. It's also rumored that her boyfriend at the time did not want children. So what locals are saying is that they think she gave him a way to appease this mystery boyfriend that we don't know anything about, supposed to just allowing the father to raise him. Yeah, I didn't see any animosity between Duana and Zachary, who's the father. When I looked at this, I did see that when Zachary arrived at them all that day, he did seem particularly angry at Duana, very much blaming her for what had happened. But that could just be a father angry that his son was missing. Not You not keep your eyes? Hmm? Yeah. The second theory is that an accident might have occurred that resulted in Duan's death. So maybe, instead of alerting police or medical personnel, Juanna chose to get rid of the body and stage disappearance. DUANNA was a young African American mother in a largely White City, as we've established. So if an accident had occurred, maybe she felt that she wouldn't have been believed. Yeah, I can understand that. Sure, and depending on what experience...

...she's already had with the police. HMM, true, true, truing, since not excusable, makes sense. And the final theory that I have, you're welcome to put forth more if you have any, is that this is the one I most hope is not true. Duana or someone in her life might have intentionally ended the life of Little Dwan. If this is what happened. It is theorized, obviously, that duanna somehow disposed of a body and a place that is yet to be found. The police did very, very extensively search Livonia and the surrounding areas. That was documented. So I would think that if he was there, they would have found him, but we never know. I mean with the case that I did last week, Gannon Stout. He went missing in Colorado and his body was found all the way in Florida and the stepmom had very little time to get the body there. So it's very possible that he could have been placed hundreds of miles away. And was that case? The gannon stout January beginning of this year. There's a big difference, though, in even you know, technology, of course, but the number of cameras that are on the road and in our life today versus one thousand nine hundred and ninety for it, or in the s period, you know, because we're being tracked a lot more in today's world than were back then. It was just beginning at that time. So it would be harder to see if she was on, you know, the major highway leading into some place else, and we know that she was never detained. So she I'm sure I could have had time to drive to some far away place. She had this mystery boyfriend that probably could have done it. Or, sorry, any number of family members and friends. Again, I'm not definitively saying that that's what happens, but it is very possible. Unfortunately. Did it reference, either by the father, for anything that you found, or the grandmother, how long it had been since they had seen the child? You know? No, it didn't. It didn't in two weeks before or know. That is very interesting. It did not say that anywhere. So curious. Wow, it might be the optimist in me, but I tend to lean toward the theory that Dwan was put into the care of another family or Guardian. I mean he was young enough at the time that, had someone else taken him in, he likely would now have no memory of his previous life or previous family. And, like I just said, the Livonia police performed extensive searches of the area, but we mentioned that bones and bodies were founds, none of them belonging to Dwan, thankfully. So maybe someday he'll order an ancestry DNA kit. There's something. Yeah, how would that work? You know, how do you just all of a sudden have a four year old boy? I know, I know, on the day before and you don't have an adoption in the adoption paperwork, and you know, how would that work? I just I don't see how that could really process through correctly. I know in from the legal aspect that would be really difficult today, but in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four, would it have been hard? Had they, say, picked him up and then moves to a completely different city where no one knew them? Couldn't they just they could, until he got sick, you know, or something you had to take them to the hospital. What if she gave like his birth certificate and medical records and stuff like that? Could do that, except that the first certificate would reflect you, but here it was and it's not them.

So I know that's not sure. And what kind of person would do that? You know, you're taken a chance every day of your life and in fear of being found out and Oh wow, could you imagine that stress? No, no, I cannot. Do you have any other theories? Any other thoughts? You want to add a boyfriend? I know that's so suspicious. I totally agree. It's so suspicious to me that there is nothing about him. I know that she did not call him and I just that's huge, hmm to me. And that she called her mom. That bothers me before she called anybody else. She would call the police first. I mean, you would find somebody first and then, you know. I know I would call my mom too, or I would call you know, but you get help first. I know it's it is interesting to me because, I mean, I agree that Duan never went to them all that day and that she would hundred percent stage the disappearance. But it is interesting that she called her mom before alerting mall personnel, because if it had been the opposite, that would make a little bit more sense. But you're so right. I didn't even think about that. But that is that's almost like, AH, what do I do? I call, like I have to get my mom on the same page. So let me give her a call. She can get on her way here. I'll feel much better. No, I my mom is here, because she'll back me. My mom believes anything I say. HMM. That I have no doubt that the police did and everything they thought they possibly could, but I do question why, then, did you not. I mean there's it seems like there would be ample reason to detain her and to search further in every way into her life and see what was going on. I know it's interesting to me that that detective, sergeant, Ronald Tigue, Tieg, whatever you want to say, made her sound so cooperative, because we know she lied about his disappearance. We know she lied. It's on video that she lied, and especially putting herself out and not passing to lie detect her test, MMM, and pointing herself out when it wasn't even her. I mean when it generate from the you know, the district attorney or something, saying there's not enough evidence. Oh, I'm sure evidence and we will, you know, get a Sapana. But yeah, I'm sure, because as far as we know. I know that the police always know more than they release, but they've been pretty open about the fact that they really don't have much evidence in this case. So I'm sure it's just a matter of they know she lied but they know nothing else. So what the you can't arrest someone on that. I wish she could. Okay, but I think if we're going to commit a crime, you go to Juanna sounded again and that's the perfect place. I know it's so sad because these police officers really do seem to have tried their hardest and to this day they've never once closed the case or acted like it's gone cold at all. As far as we know, they're still actively working this every single day. So just the fact that there is nothing that's insane to me, because Duanna was twenty five at the time of Duan's disappearance. She wasn't some mastermind criminal. And again we don't know the boyfriend. Maybe he was, but it's just insane to me that there is no evidence something happened to this little boy and she has to know more and there's just nothing. Absolutely fancy him on the camera anywhere. They need to be pressuring her, or they should have...

...pressured her a lot more. Yeah, if it was just eyewitness testimony that said no, she was alone, that would be like okay, that could not be super reliable. But he was not on any of the video recordings. They had security footage in pretty much the entire mall. Definitely we know in the areas that she said to have been with Duan and he is not seen on the video footage. One time I cannot emphasize that enough. He is not at any point seen on that security footage. So that's just I know it's such a frustrating case, because we've said this already, but you know she lied. You know she lied. Yeah, there seems to send down in that. It's like that's just a head Shaker. HMM, the thought that keeps you up at Nice could not have been there. What? What? That's so sad. I know it's so and again, please go on my instagram. It's at lock the door pod. I'm going to post a picture of him. He was such a cute, sweet, loving looking little boy. Oh my gosh, his smile is just you can tell he lit up a room. He looks so precious. This case is truly so, so sad, because sitting in the Sanda s lab MMMM, I mean, something horrible done to him, I know. That's why I hope and pray that she gave him to someone that is now the or he would be older now, he'd be in his late S, so he might not be living with this family anymore. But hopefully he was given to a family that gave him a loving, happy life. That's what I'm so praying happened. Who's serious that or is that just one? One thought that was, like I said, the security officer that didn't interview a true crime garage said that the locals seemed to be an agreement that she gave him away or sold him and were selling your child, especially if the locals are right and it's just because her boyfriend didn't want kids, because she's clearly not with that boyfriend anymore. So it didn't work out. So if that's what you did, you did it. Nothing which has been happened, you know, HMM, more than we like to think. Yeah, we've seen plenty of case where the significant other was put before the children. Sadly, I know this case, this, like you said, is one that keeps me up. It's like what happened, because I just can't see if there was a crime scene, that there is no evidence. or I mean maybe there is, maybe the police have something we don't know about, but you would think if they did, duanna would have at least been detained or something, and she never was. So I could talk about this one forever. I mean it just baffles me. Like I will say, though, I don't want to sound like I'm giving her props, but good set up for the disappearance thing. That's very believable. So maybe if she was smart enough to do that, she was smart enough to clean up a crime scene. I know that the forensics they had back then weren't as advanced as they are today. So true, I don't know. I just thank you. Thank on in with any any thing. Search, you know, checking the mattresses or just doesn't make sense. Hmm, you you got. We got separated a couple of times, you and I, and it's funny because one of them was it Chris this time, and a local attraction to I vaguely do, because I remember, if this is the right time, I remember a woman stayed with me because she saw me crying. She did, she did. You were so smart.

You went heading towards the security guard. I don't think. Yes, and I'm handic you know, saying where is Peyton and you know musick, saying I could shouldn't allow anyone to lag behind us. We were all together and then you weren't there and none of us could explain how you weren't still just huddled in the center of us. But you did the brilliant thing. We went in search of that security guard to help you and we were able to find you. Oh my gosh, I was panicked, as you can imagine. But then another time you were playing a game, you and and I and and grandma were shopping and you decided to hide in a clothing rap. You are so little you could you know the circular clothing wraps. You would just you just ran into one and you were so quiet. You're hiding like Playton Peka Boo, but you never came out. You were saying anything like mom, I got she has to be here. She was just here, and so we started looking through the rocks and sure enough, so here she is. I don't remember that instance. I do remember doing that as a child. I'm so socky. It's just so cute how you even thought to do that. Perfect hiding place for a child. But the difference being if you would had to call the police, they would have seen me on the security phenish. Yes, there is a facebook page that is still up and very active called remembering Duan Sims. It's well, I can't confirm this for sure, it does appear that Duan's father, Zachary Sims, posts often on this page in a remembrance of his son. From what I can see, he's posted for every birthday since facebook was born and since this group was born. He is the first one to post updates and to ask people they have any clues or any theories or ideas or if they know anything at all. He has been the complete opposite of dwanna. He has never ever taken the day off from his son's disappearance, it seems, and he stayed in the area. Yes, as far as I know. Did he set the page out? Yeah, as opposed to the MOM. I'm sure the MOM didn't set up I remembering Duan page. Did she? There's not an admin section on the page. Usually with facebook pages you can see the owner. There is an email, though, that appears to have the name of a woman that doesn't seem to have any relation to the family. So I don't think he set it up, but he is very active on it. From what I can gather. It does truly seem to be his father and he posts all the time. So if you have any information regarding the disappearance of Dwanson's you can contact the Livonia police department at three hundred and three, four, two, one nine two zero. Like I've said, they are still looking at this case as much as they can. It is not gone cold. The Livonia Police Department is determined to find this little boy, so they could use all the help they can get. Thank you so so much for tuning in. If you have any case suggestions or theories about any cases I've talked about on this show, you can email me at lock the door pod at gmailcom or you can dm me or comment on any of my posts on instagram at lock the door pod, and twitter at lock the door pod as well. Thank you so much to my mom for coming on this episode. I've wanted her on for so long. Thank you for I was so excited when you agreed. She literally agreed like ten minutes before we started recording.

When we finished the invisible man, I was like you want to be on this episode and she finally said Yes. So thank you so much. I'm so excited to have you and, as always, make sure you lock your doors by.

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